Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cake Smash Session

About a month before Brayden's 1st birthday, I brought him in to my photographer's studio for his cake smash session. I didn't really know what to expect besides the fact that I usually see pictures of babies who have cake literally smashed all over their faces and themselves.

I found an adorable outfit on Etsy that was similar to the one he wore for his newborn and 6 month photos and I was so excited for him to wear it! The outfit included a yellow bow tie, black suspenders, and red bottoms (like Mickey shorts) compete with white buttons. I also went ahead and ordered a red party hat, but it never fit him...and I wanted him to use the Mickey ears we got at the Harmony Barber Shop during his first haircut instead, anyway.

My friend Mackenzie also graciously agreed to make his smash cake and she did an amazing job!

After taking a few "clean" pictures, we got right down to business!


I had to show him that it was OK to touch the cake and eat it!

He liked the cake and got relatively messy before deciding it was time to stop (aka, he started getting fussy). Brayden does not like his hands to get dirty! I think it will be funny to see how/if this changes as he ages!

Now that's one way to smash a cake...just stick your whole leg in it!

As you can see, he didn't make TOO much of a mess, but still got messy enough that he needed a little bath after it was all said and done!

So how did the photos turn out?

I can honestly say that I LOVE them and have several that I really like! (The above is my favorite of the entire session!)


Also, we took a few in a non-cake smashing type outfit...


Overall, we had a great time with lots of laughter and several awesome shots! I figured once Brayden knew about cake and how to eat it, he would dig right in at his birthday party, but he did not at all!

How did your baby do with the cake at their birthday party/cake smash session?


  1. What a doll! He's such a good sport with these picture sessions - like, I don't know what I'm really supposed to be doing here, Mom, but OK. I'll eat cake. :)

  2. The pics are so cute. I love the one with his leg in the cake!!


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