Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Texas Hill Country Running

Over Good Friday and Easter Weekend, my family and I spent our time in the hill country of Texas, just outside of San Antonio.

Never willing to pass up the opportunity to run in a new place, I (of course) packed my running gear with me. On Friday, my sister-in-law Kayla and I discussed the idea of going for a run, then tossed the idea once she mentioned scorpions and rattlesnakes. Um. No thank you.

After letting the idea roll around in my mind for a while, I decided to give it a go. I mean YOLO, right? Besides, when would I have the opportunity again? Probably never.

So, Kayla got her bike ready while I changed into my running clothes, and off we went.

The views of hill country were beautiful. Let's be realistic here - they were mountains to me. This flat-land Southwest Louisiana girl views any land that rises at all, a mountain.

I'll admit, I struggled with both the elevation and the mountain hill climbs and quickly gained respect for those who run in this type of terrain on a consistent basis. I'm serious - you're a beast in my book.

Oh yes, and we saw plenty of Longhorns along the way! Thankfully, we didn't have to battle any rattlesnakes or scorpions!

I'm serious when I say that I loved the views! You just can't find stuff like this where I'm from.

I had 10 miles on the books for the weekend, but could only manage 5 and was beyond done by the time I reached 5 miles. Double the elevation that I'm used to plus incline/hills/mountains....it all evened out somehow in my mind and I was 100% ok with it.

That's alright - a run is better than none, right? And besides, I got a really great workout in the end!

After our run, we cooled off by the beautiful and serene Joshua Creek. Had I known we had access to a creek, I would have brought my swimsuit along! :)

My brother was gracious enough to take this picture for us, and once he put my phone back down, he might have gotten soaked in the end. Whoops. It wasn't my idea. Scouts honor! :)

How's the elevation where you train? How did you spend your Easter weekend?


  1. Super flat here except for bridges and overpasses!

  2. I definitely have more hills than in Dallas, but I really should do more hill work. I keep saying that but never do.

    1. I hear you! Hill work is intense but has helped with my speed in the past. I so need to do that more often!

  3. I'm in a mostly flat area as well, so any kind of incline feels like a mountain to me, too. Great job getting even five miles in on that terrain!

    1. Yes! So you understand where I'm coming from! :) Thank you!

  4. I live in a valley so I'm use to training on flat land unless I run some bridges! That is nice that you got to run someplace new!

    1. I agree! Running in a new area with new scenery is always nice! :)


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