Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Training at ESPN Wide World of Sports

Did you know that among Walt Disney World's multitude of activities, you can also attend a Major League Baseball Spring Training Game during the early spring months? 

I'm a huge baseball fan (if you haven't already figured that out), I live within driving distance of Houston, Texas, and I have followed the Astros my entire life. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Braves would be hosting the Astros at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on the Sunday of the Princess Half Marathon! Say what?! 

It was pretty much a no-brainer - we didn't even think twice before we purchased tickets!

Sunday's game was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. and we arrived a few minutes early to take pictures and enjoy the stadium.

Let's go Astros! :)

Of course we had to have a picture with the Mickey statue. I remembered the Braves Mickey being there but I guess they moved him or repainted him.

Fun fact: The Astros Mickey still remains at Minute Maid Park in Houston! These Mickey Statues were a gift to all of the Major League Baseball Teams when the All-Star game was hosted at the LA Angels Stadium back in 2010!

This was also my first time to ever attend a Spring Training game! I learned a neat fact - the 15 MLB teams that are hosted in Florida are a part of the "Grapefruit League" and the 15 MLB teams that are hosted in Arizona are a part of the "Cactus League"!

Jeff Galloway threw out the first pitch for the game along with his friend, Donald Duck! 

Great job, Jeff!

Our seats were located behind home plate. Ticket prices for this game were comparable to the price I would pay to see a game back in Houston....although in Houston, we don't have to deal with the scorching sun. :)

I LOVED the little between inning side shows and videos that would play on the big screen, some even included Disney elements! The atmosphere here was so laid back...I seriously loved it! Baseball and Disney...nothing better in my book!

(As you can see in the photo above, lawn seating was also available for the game.)

Another fun fact: One of the current Braves (Jace Peterson) is from my home town, grew up in my church, and even attended the same small private school I graduated from!

...and we had a chance to see him play! How fun is that?! Small World!

My child (who is a boy) might have even gone home from our church nursery one Sunday with Jace's little girl's bow. Whoops.

Anyway, back to the game...

After sitting in the crazy sun for a little while, we realized that part of the first base line seats were shaded and they were mostly empty. Even though I was lathering on the sunscreen, I still worried about my son's skin, so we moved to the 1st base seats. Honestly, I actually preferred these seats more and felt as if I could see the game better from there.

The Astros ended up winning the game which made our little group very happy!  I also loved wearing my Princess Half Marathon medal to the ball park! Princesses were everywhere!

As I mentioned earlier, I loved having the opportunity to watch a Spring Training game and really hope I have the chance to visit again in the future!

If you're staying on Disney property and wondering how to get to ESPN, there IS a way! It might take you a bit longer, but it's definitely doable! 

Buses travel from Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and the All Star Resorts every half hour.

So, if you're at a park, you would take a bus to one of these resorts, then from the resort to ESPN.

If you're at a resort that's not listed on these signs, you would take a bus from your resort to a park, then take a bus from that park to one of the resorts listed, then take a bus from that resort to ESPN.

...or you could just call a taxi, Uber, or Lyft...whatever works! :)

Have you ever visited ESPN Wide World of Sports for anything other than a runDisney event/Expo?


  1. I didn't know Jeff threw out the first pitch! So fun!

  2. When I did Princess a few years ago I wanted to try and get tickets cause my dad was with me. But unfortunately they didn't have a game that weekend. :( Glad you had a great time!

  3. My freshman year in college my lacrosse team trained at WWoS, and we did go to a game.

  4. Spring training games are so much fun! We've been to two in Clearwater, but none at Disney. Definitely on my bucket list!

    1. Awesome! I definitely want to attend more in the future!


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