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Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Brayden's first birthday party was held on April 1, 2017. Since my due date was on April 1, 2016, I thought it would be funny to have his birthday party on that date, just a few days shy of his actual birthday.

For his1st Birthday Party, I knew I wanted to incorporate some form of a Mickey theme because he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I didn't go the "Prince Mickey" route since our Gender Reveal Theme was "Prince or Princess". I also didn't go with a "Baseball Mickey" theme since that was the theme for my Baby Shower. After thinking it over for a while, I finally came up with a classic red, yellow, and black Mickey Mouse theme.

I'm also a huge fan of re-purposing things and although I did make several purchases for his party, I was able to use items I already had at home, too! (Bonus!)

After scouring Pinterest, I finally had my mind made up on things I needed to make for his party and started off by ordering with the things I had NO clue how to make like his cake and the decorative sugar cookies!

Be prepared for picture overload! :)

The welcome sign hanging on our door was made using my Silhouette with card stock from hobby lobby and the idea came from Pinterest.

Our front walk way (not pictured) was lined with black and white polka dot/red and white polka dot pin wheels. My husband's aunt had extra pinwheels left over from a birthday party and they fit with our Mickey theme perfectly! 

The yellow flowers at the bottom left of this picture were a gift from Jason's sister at the hospital when Brayden was born. I planted them and they lasted and grew throughout the passing months and are still thriving! They are also yellow which fit with his party color scheme! :)

Upon entering, the dining room table was used for desserts and his cake. The balloons are from Party City and the two Mickey pots on each end were re-purposed from my sister-in-law's baby shower a few weeks prior to this party. The happy birthday banner on the front of the table was made using card stock and my Silhouette machine. I also included various Mickey elements I had lying around the house within the table.

Each window in the living area had Mickey garland (made from card stock, the silhouette machine, and ribbon) hanging from it as well as extra streamers I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I was going to attempt to make my own Mickey ear decor, but I found a pack of three on Amazon, so I purchased them to save a little bit of time.

His cake came from a local lady who makes cakes out of her home. I made the "Happy Birthday Brayden" cake topper with my Silhouette machine as well and glitter card stock.

These decorative sugar cookies were purchased from etsy and they tasted great! One thing to point out about purchasing decorative cookies online - although the baker went through great lengths to bubble wrap each cookie and pad the box, the postal service decided to play kick ball with the package. Therefore, only one Mickey hand (out of five) made it without any issues. In total, five of the twenty four cookies were broken, two of which were broken beyond hiding on the bottom of the tray. I LOVED having these cookies at the party but I don't think I'll go with an online baker next time. Sadly, all of the local bakeries that make these cookies were booked up when I began looking. Next time, I'll just make sure to order super early!

What's a party without my favorite - Mickey rice crispy treats?! 

At the entry way table were Mickey and Minnie headbands I purchased from Amazon. I also included a framed picture from his cake smash session as well as the "ONE" letters we used for his pictures.

The Happy Birthday little man sign was an idea I found on etsy and attempted to re-create myself.

Photos from each month of his life were printed and hung across the entertainment center. Also included at the entertainment center was the little Prince Mickey we used for each picture.

His high chair was moved in front of the fire place which I thought was a nice, open spot for cake later on. I also included a photo from his 6 month photo session as well as his cake smash session on the mantle. The balloons came from Party City and the banner was made with card stock from Hobby Lobby and my Silhouette machine.

Oddly enough, I already had all of the ribbon I needed for his high chair banner which worked out great! The middle piece was made from card stock and the silhouette machine.

On one of our side tables, I included the puppy dog that plays Brayden's little heart beat when you press his belly - the puppy was from our 4D Ultrasound experience. I also included a photo album with all of his studio pictures as well as a "clean" picture from his 12 month photos/cake smash session.

I knew I wanted to include his invitation in the decor somewhere, so I found this photo matte that was signed by all of the Mickey and friends characters while we were on board a Disney ship several years back.  A long time ago, you could leave a matte with guest services and pick it up at the end of your trip, all signed by characters. Sadly, they no longer let you do this.

The room needed something else along the wall above the couch, so I searched Pinterest just a bit more and came up with the above idea! This was probably the easiest project I took on for the party!

The drink table included "Pluto's Punch", "Toodles Tea", and bottles of water.

I found these straws at Hobby Lobby, then hot glued little Mickey silhouettes to them. The Mickey heads were also cut out from my Silhouette machine.

These red cups were purchased from Wal-Mart and I added the white stickers on them to represent Mickey buttons. The stickers were also cut out from the Silhouette machine on large white sheets of sticker paper.

The water bottle labels were designed using Paint Shop Pro, then printed on card stock. I used packing tape to affix them to the water bottles which worked out nicely!

Even Pixie and Maddie were dressed for the party, although I have no clue where Maddie was at this point!

The napkins, places, and forks were purchased at Target. I was so excited to find these as they fit the theme perfectly!

We served "Goofy's Burgers" and "Hot Diggity Dogs"...I mean, did you expect anything else?! Hah!

The idea to decorate the condiment bottles also came from Pinterest. Since I'm not an expert with my design program and am still learning, this took the longest to create!

See the Hidden Mickey? :) These red bowls came from Wal-Mart and the yellow bowl was already on hand at home.

Several years back, I used to be able to purchase Mickey shaped cheese bites from the grocery store. Well, I couldn't find them ANYWHERE, so I used a tiny Mickey Mouse cookie cutter I had on hand and made "half" Mickey hats out of the squares of cheese!

Meatballs were my husband's one request for the party! :)

There's the birthday boy! His onesie was purchased from Hobby Lobby and the vinyl was cut using the Silhouette machine. The shorts were a last minute find at Kohls and are Jumping Bean brand.

Our shirts were even special for the occasion! I took the shirts we wore to Disney in February and added "Of The Birthday Boy" to the bottom of them! See, I'm all about re-purposing!

After eating and socializing with the party guests, we attempted to let Brayden open his gifts. I thought he would have the hang of it after Christmas but no...he wasn't quite sure what to do with the wrapping paper and tissue paper! He did enjoy pushing buttons and watching toys light up, though! :)

Up next was the cake! I wasn't sure how he would respond to the cake after last month's cake smash session, but he still wasn't too sure about it!

We sang happy birthday then let him dig in.

Let's just say that he wasn't dirty at all by the time he finished and I didn't have to change his clothing! :)

The bib you see is a design from a onesie I made for his first Disney trip, I just tweaked it to fit his first birthday instead.

Overall it was a great party and we had so much fun celebrating with all of our family and friends! 

I really enjoyed planning and decorating for Brayden's 1st birthday party and I am super excited about next year! I'm already starting to formulate ideas in my head!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my little guy's first birthday!! See ya real soon!

Wanna see more from his birthday party? Check out the footage below! :)


  1. You did a fabulous job with Brayden's party!!! I found Pinterest and Etsy to be super helpful while planning my little one's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party. We even used the same plates from Target!

    1. Thank you so much, kathryn! I loved planning it all! Too funny we used the same plates - I was so excited when I found them!

  2. You did such a fantastic job! I never saw coverings for condiments before!
    I love that you still have the plant your SIL gave you. You can watch it grow just like Brayden!

    1. Thank you! That idea came from Pinterest! It's amazing to see what other come up with and I'm glad they share their handiwork!

  3. Wow, you went all out for Brayden's party and I love it! What a fun theme - everything looked so cute, and Brayden is just adorable and obviously loved by so many...happy birthday to the little guy!

    1. Thank you so much, Shelley! We really did have a ton of fun with his party!

  4. Seriously, you need to come help me plan my next party. It looks like it was professionally done. Loved watching Braden on the video not sure what to do as there was just so much else to watch. Thanks for sharing such a special moment in your lives!

    1. Haha thanks, Heather! I do love party planning! :) Thanks so much!!

  5. This sure was quite the treat and everything was just on point with the theme. Planning kiddie parties sure is serious yet fun activity plus seeing those smiles sure make it worthwhile.


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