Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost like Christmas! :0)

This week, SO many goodies arrived in my mailbox!!  It felt like Christmas all over again!


I’ve actually had this one a a while but I forgot to take a picture of it! :0)  My husband let me buy this at the Disney Marathon Expo!  I love it!!!


A friend of mine was trying to get rid of a few Running skirts.  All were in my size, but the only one I didn’t have already was the black/pool!!!  I’m so excited! I LOVE this color and this skirt! Yay! Best part, all I paid was shipping!!  Awesome deal! :0)


It has been a tradition of mine that I make a photo book for each Half/Full Marathon that I run.  Until recently, I was terribly behind on my photo books as well as my race scrapbook.  I’m not quite caught up but I’m almost there!  These two books were from the Jazz Half and Disney’s Wine and Dine Half.


Not only was it like Christmas for me, my puppy enjoyed a few new toys as well! When I ordered this pink giant, I thought he was small and came in a three pack.  I was terribly wrong.  He’s a huge Cow (bigger than my yorkie) and when you squeeze him, he makes a MOOOOOO sound!  Maddie’s first reaction to the Moo-ing was rather funny but she loves playing with him now!

This Friday, my husband’s sister is getting married and I’m a Bridesmaid!  Yay!  I’m getting off early tomorrow to help decorate, and I’m off of work on Friday for the wedding!

We had plans to stain our deck on Saturday BUT it’s supposed to rain (70% chance).  I guess we’ll have to work on that next week when work a half day on Tuesday for Mardi Gras!

Speaking of Mardi Gras……………….


Yum!!!  I have to admit-I cheated this year. I usually only allow myself one King Cake per year and it almost always comes from a small grocery store by my house (they are AWESOME – tied for my first favorite!).  Well, the paint shop that I  get my paint from is WAY out of the way for me – however, going there had an added bonus!! The place that makes my other favorite King Cake is less than a mile from the paint shop!  Score!!! I couldn’t resist so I broke down and bought one!!  It’s Pecan Praline…full of Pecans (pah-cans), Bavarian Cream, Brown sugar, etc.  Lots of yummy sticky goodness!!!


Oh yeah!  Of course, just a tiny piece of this makes me feel like I’m on a sugar rush so I’ll probably have to bring it to work to share – otherwise, it will go bad!


I love living in Louisiana!! :0)


  1. That's a cute skirt! I've never tried a running skirt before but I'm intrigued...I think I'm going to have to get one this year. The cake looks delicious :) Have a great weekend with the wedding!!

  2. you did get lots of goodies! I just finished my photobook for the Disney full! it came in Monday, I love it!
    too funny about the dog toy!
    I have been good and only had one piece of king cake all season!

  3. That King Cake looks ridiculously yummy!

  4. That King Cake looks delish! Enjoy it, lady! And yay for the wedding! So fun :)

  5. I love that frame, soo cool! Did you get your skirt on ROTE, I bought 2 from someone and only paid shipping! Have fun at the wedding!

  6. I've never had King Cake, but I keep hearing so many good things!

  7. That company makes great medal frames. I've got mine from the 2010 and 2011 Goofy Challenges hanging up in my office.


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