Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Next Half Marathon coming right up!

My next and final Half Marathon of this season will be on Sunday, March 27, 2011!


I’m running the Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon!

This race is significantly smaller than Rock and Roll New Orleans (I think their corrals don’t quite reach the 20’s)…but I was VERY shocked to find out that they put me in corral SIX!  Yes, that’s right SIX!  I hope I don’t get trampled!  HAH!

I have a cousin who is a long time runner that will be running the race with me, as will my sister in law Kayla.  My cousin is also in corral six (I found that out today), so hopefully we can get Kayla’s corral changed so we can all start the race together!  I guess we’ll find out!  I can’t wait to see Running Skirts at the Expo and I of course can’t wait to see my family!!

I ran 8 miles on Saturday with my running group friends!  It was a warm, humid, muggy run, but we had a good time as usual!  :0)


Us after the first six miles…..we went out for 6, then went out again for the final 2….


Hahaha Here we are finishing up our 8 mile run!  Woohoo!


This is us after we finished the 8 miles!  We have a lot of fun together!  I didn’t get the purple memo, unfortunately! :0)

Very cool story I just have to share……..I am in need of new running shoes.  I thought I may have had the opportunity last weekend at the 3 mile race to purchase new shoes at 30% off, but they didn’t have my size.  I’m glad it didn’t work out because today, I came home and checked Running Warehouse and guess what?  I put a pair of Saucony Hurricane 12’s in my cart and the price said $104.95. I had to do a double take!  These shoes are usually $140!!!  I looked back at the price on the product page and it still said $140. Strange.  I also applied a 15% off discount code in my cart and it WORKED!!!  YAY!  I definitely bought them….and at almost 50% off!  You also can’t beat Running Warehouse’s free shipping!!  I’m SO excited about my new shoes!!! 


So, if you are in need of new Saucony Hurricane’s, now’s the time to get them!! :0)


  1. Yay! There are so many things about your post today that I like. RnR Dallas, RunningSkirts, and shoes from RW! Literally all three of which I'm also excited about this week!!! Good luck at the race (FYI - our relay bib #'s are 21135, and we're in corral "relay" - lol - guess the relayers are truly in the back of the pack!).

  2. I am so excited about the expo mostly because I get to work the running skirts booth on Friday!!! I am hoping I can make the race on Sunday to cheer everyone on but we are a one car family and hubby needs it so I have to see if I can get there.

    Great deal on the shoes, that is amazing! Good luck this weekend

  3. Have a great race this weekend!

    I scored some saucony triumph 8s for a decent price online too. Score!

  4. Yay! What a great HUMP-DAY! New shoes on super-sale, a fun race to run with family & friends...with the DCC there, and running skirts! Win!

  5. Not too shabby!! The last run before race day with friends can be pretty fun! Good luck! I've only been to the Dallas airport i think :)

  6. YAY for new shoes!! I love running warehouse. I got two pairs of shoes last time for the price of one pair normally- I wear saucony's too!

    Good luck at the race!! You are getting so fast RB!!!

  7. Great post! I'm excited about the expo...I'll be there Friday!

    How did you find out your bib #'s and corrals?

    I'm excited for the race too! First half!

  8. Kristen, you can look it up online with the final information.

  9. Those shoes are awesome! I hope we get to meet up at the race! I'm in corral 6 too (although I'm going to be much slower than this!) I'll be wearing a hot pink tank top and black shorts so I'll look for you and you look for me too! Good luck on the race!

  10. girl you just continue to amaze me with all of your running - you are incredible and i hope the race went well - i am sure it did! ;)

  11. Hope you had a great race! I love running warehouse. They usually have good prices and the free shipping just makes it that much better :)

  12. Good luck in your half. You'll do great AND you get to run with friends. That's perfect.

    I'm such a Saucony fan but haven't tried Hurricanes. I'm into the ProGrid Saucony's.
    I love buying running shoes. I have a pair for every mood and every type of race. It's pathetic really. Anything to motivate...you know?! ;)


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