Saturday, March 5, 2011

They went to the chapel…

…and they got married! :0)

Last night, my Sister-In-Law (Jason’s sister) married her best friend.  They’ve dated for a long time and their whole wedding process was incredibly sweet.  They did things the right way and I think that makes it all the more sweet! :0)


The Bride and Groom at the rehearsal!


Bridesmaids Gifts!


We got Tom’s!! :0)  If you have no clue what Tom’s are, check out the Tom’s Website. For every pair of shoes bought, Tom’s donates a pair to a child in need!  How cool is that?


Some of my favorite friends!  Melissa (in the middle) was one of our Bridesmaids!

Wedding Day


My hair needs NO help with volume, thank you!  Sheri still teased my hair, though!  I began the whole hair process with no bangs.  The girl that did our hair is incredibly awesome and does an amazing job!  So, when she suggested a hair-do to me, I asked if it came complete with bangs!  She agreed….so bangs I now have!

This was the “idea hair-do”! :0)


Kelly Clarkson from the 2011 Country Music Awards! :0)  The Bride wanted all of our hair to be up, low, and to the side.  I have SO much hair that I could do “to the side”, so mine was all across!


When I left the hair place, I asked the Bride if she wanted “real” food fr0m Wendy’s.  Her eyes got HUGE and she nodded her head.   She wanted a Hamburger so that’s what she got! :0)

And now….introducing…..



They aren’t anything dramatic, but definitely different from anything I’ve had before!  And yes, I squint when I smile.  Always have, always will.


My favorite “little sister”! :0)  Our bouquets make…Mickey Ears! Do you see it?!  We’re nerds it’s ok!


Jason’s gorgeous sister! :0)


My daddy and I matched!


My husband is the goof-ball of the bunch!  He was an Usher!


The wedding party!


No cake-feeding mess!


This Grooms Cake is seriously the most amazing cake EVER!  It’s SO good!  I get it for my birthday cake EVERY year!  It’s chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  HEAVEN!!!!!  The groom wanted a bite and it wasn’t cut yet so I told him to get a fork and dig in!  Hah!


My niece and I! :0)  She was the flower girl and she changed for the wedding so she could have fun and not worry about spilling on her white dress!


Just like old times…for a picture at least.  All four of us used to hang out ALL the time!!!!!  We were inseparable!  The guy all the way to the right of the picture was our best man.  He also is the one we went to the album release party for!  This picture makes me sad that times have to change.  We all used to hang out before any of us were married so that was a long time ago!


Us wearing our Tom’s!  We wore dress shoes for the wedding and changed at the reception! :0)


Time to go!  It was a gorgeous wedding!!  Many happy years to Lacey and Aaron! :0)

We didn’t get home until 2 a.m. because we stayed at Jason’s parent’s house visiting with his siblings that he never gets to see!  There are seven kids total (step/half/”real”) and they’ve NEVER ever all been in the same place at the same time, so this was neat!

I’m so glad this wedding was on a Friday night because we had all day today to recover, then tomorrow’s Sunday so we have even more time to rest up!  Yay!

I was supposed to run a Virtual 5K this morning at home but I woke up to this outside….


…and now it’s freezing!  I’m going to try again in the morning!  I was too tired today anyway! :0)

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!! :0)


  1. Tom's as a bridesmaid's gift! That is awesome! ...and you look so beautiful in the red dress!

  2. Love the red dresses! Toms make a great gift. I would have never thought of it but it is something that you would use again and again.. Great pics :)

  3. Everything looks so pretty! And I'm loving all the red the bride incorporated!


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