Sunday, March 20, 2011

The DCC and BOXES!

Oh my goodness.

Be still my beating heart.

Guess what I just discovered?

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be at the Rock and Roll Dallas Half before the start of the race on Sunday morning!!! 


I’m not a dancer, never have been…but seriously, Making the Team is one of my favorite shows on television!  The fifth season finished this past Winter I’ve been a very faithful viewer every Fall for the past 5 years! 

I’m SO excited, can’t you tell?  :0))

In other non-running related news….today after church, I came home and tackled this huge project….


Wow…that’s a LOT of boxes!  You know what’s inside of them?  WEDDING stuff!

I kept pretty much umm…EVERYTHING from my wedding and it has come in handy because a LOT of people have borrowed and used my stuff! (So it wasn’t only used just one time!)  In this particular instance, my Sister-In-Law borrowed my stuff for her wedding that happened just a few weeks ago! 


So I had the task of taking all of this….


…and making it fit into all of this….

(See Madalynn in the background? Hehe!)

I also have another side note here….I bought these tubs at Wal-Mart today and I am SO excited because they are almost exactly the same color as my main wedding color!!  How neat is that?!  AND, they were on clearance!  Even better!  So now when I need a wedding related item, I know to look at in the teal blue tubs because teal-ish (really Pool Blue from David’s Bridal…very close to their Tropic Blue) was my wedding color! :0)

The verdict?


I did it…..with two tubs to spare!  Yay!  Now it’s going to be a lot of fun getting these puppies in my attic!  Hah!


…the trash men aren’t going to like me very much….

And of course, my sweet Pixie has to be in the picture because every time she sees me with the camera, she comes running! Hah!


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  I’ll have a running related post up tomorrow!


  1. I've been doing some spring cleaning and putting stuff into clear tubs. Makes me feel all organized and stuff

  2. Awesome job. Those boxes just about have had it after being moved all over the place. haha

  3. I OVE DCC Making the Team! Other than Survivor and Biggest Loser its the only reality tv show I watch!!

  4. I loved that show! I actually only watched the 1st 2 seasons, then I thought they stopped making it. It's always my pipe dream to be a pro-cheerleader! LOL

  5. WOW that's a lot of stuff!!! lol. What a good feeling to get it all organized though- yay! :)

  6. I love the feeling of getting all organized like that! I especially love all the color coordination :)


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