Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flea Market Saturday! :0)

Thanks SO much to everyone who commented on my last blog post about my 3 mile race this past weekend!  You guys ROCK, seriously!! :0)

As mentioned at the end of the previous post….after the race, I went home and cleaned up so I could meet my parents/brother and sister in law in Texas!  The original plan was to ride with my parents to Texas on Saturday morning to shop at a Flea Market (about an hour away from where we live).   The plans were changed though, and instead of riding with my parents to Texas, they went over on Friday night to spend the night with my brother.  They watched my sister-in-law run the Gusher Half Marathon the following morning.

I was ok with the change of plans even though I didn’t like the idea  of having to drive myself to Texas because gas prices are so high. Oh well.

So we arrived at what they call “Larry’s Old Time Trade Days”… it’s in Winnie, TX by the way….they have it once a month and we go on occasion, not often at all. 

Our first stop is almost always this nice little Cajun food booth for lunch!  They have the most AWESOME Cajun egg rolls…stuffed with Jambalaya!  YUM!  Their bread pudding is a close rival of Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian.  The Bananas Foster at Ohana is my FAVORITE dessert ever so to say something comes close is pretty darn good!!!




My brother and my mom…

Me, my dad, and Kayla


After we ate, we shopped around and had a good time!


I LOVE this shirt!!!


I’ve never seen this booth before…it was rather interesting. At first I thought it was an elliptical or something but at closer inspection, I saw that it was a stupid weight vibration machine. Seriously, you stand on it and it vibrates your whole body.  Really, people?  Wow…


These hammocks were SO comfy!!!!


Flowers were in bloom everywhere!


Lots of yard signs, too!  They also  have a lot of homemade crafty items!


We couldn’t leave without my dad’s usual Kettle Corn purchase!  He bought us each a bag.  They actually pop the pop corn in a huge black kettle!  It’s neat to watch!


I didn’t buy a whole lot – I got a friend of mine something for her baby shower, I bought Jason’s niece a “Just Dance” pillowcase with a ballerina on it (too cute), and I got a cute little knit hat for myself!  Oh yes, and I got another Fleur de Lis necklace!  :0) 

We stayed until Trade Days closed (we saw everything we wanted to see), then we left for one of my favorite restaurants…Cheddars!!  We don’t have one here, so every time I’m on that side of Texan, I request this place!  :0)


Hawaiian Chicken Salad…yum!! :0)

Hope everyone is having a good week and is recuperating from the time change this weekend!  I haven’t run since Saturday…ugh so bad!!!!


  1. It's like the shake weight but for your whole body!

    I LOVE Cheddars too! :)

  2. I LOVE Cheddars- the biscuits are the best! They do kettle corn like that at SeaWorld at christmas time and it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!


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