Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beat the Heat 5K

Saturday morning, my friends an I ran Kayla’s (Running Through Life) Beat the Heat 5K!


With our bibs before the race!! :0)


Aren’t they cute? Kayla did a good job!!

(I hesitated in posting the video below because they caught the funkiest screen shot of me…seriously?!?  LOL I’ve changed it but they said it could take up to 36 hours for the change. Thanks YouTube. Thanks a lot.)

Ah well – just watch the videos and enjoy!

Here’s a little “mid race” recap!!

Here we are at the end of the race! Sorry for the “Blair Witch” type feel! I was running and it was kinda hard to hold the camera still! :0)  Also, the sprinkler attacked me!!!! Hah!


Woohoo!  Felt great to run that fast!  Haven’t done that in a while!  This was a “test run” for our upcoming 4 mile race on the 4th of July. We keep setting goals for ourselves – we’ll see how it turns out! :0)


After our 5K, we finished running our long run at a much slower pace!  We were scheduled to run an 8 miler so that’s what we did!  We definitely took the last part much slower!  We also enjoyed a gorgeous rainbow across the lake!


Well, all except for this part. Amanda had the great idea to sprint the shadows and jog the sun.  I’m sure we looked rather amusing to those passing by in their vehicles! :0) 

Hope everyone had a great day!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Lol - loved the video - keep it up! I'm loving your blog!

  2. sprint the shadows? bahaha! too funny! looks like fun!

  3. That picture of the lake is beautiful. Great job on your beat the heat run!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Loved the video too! Great job on your run!

  5. Awesome recap! I loved your videos! That is great about Jason being off on the 4th, maybe! Let me know what I can do/bring!!

  6. What a gorgeous lake and it was so nice to finally "meet" you! :) Good job and hope you are enjoying your summer.

    I'm having a Color Me Mine giveaway right now if you feel like being creative!

  7. That lake is gorgeous!! I wish I had that view for my Saturday morning run. We usually end up seeing old guys with pot bellies mowing the lawn. LOL Great time on your 5k!!

  8. I love those bibs! Congrats on an awesome run!


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