Monday, June 27, 2011

I’m in I’m in!!

Guess what guess what guess what?!


I was chosen from the Houston Marathon Lottery for the 40th Anniversary of the Houston Marathon (2012)!!!


I’ll be running January 15, 2012 in Downtown Houston!



The race starts by my “2nd home” – Minute Maid Park!  Yipppeee!!


I’m so excited to tackle 26.2 miles again….this time, it will be with my Superhero friends! :0)


(We are nerds but it’s ok! :0)

My previous Marathon experience was so fantastic, I’m super excited to try my hand at it again!

blog 2 

The race map kind of intimidates me so I’m not going to look at it anymore! Hah!

I booked our hotel today, also!  If you remember from prior posts, Inn At the Ballpark is my most favorite downtown Houston hotel.  Well, after today, I was so frustrated with IATBP, I didn’t think I’d ever stay there ever again. I recovered from that feeling of course and I’m ok now! :0)  They left me on hold for 15 minutes waiting on the reservations line only to find out that she left for lunch…um ok?? That doesn’t scream FIVE STAR HOTEL to me thank you very much! When she did call me back, she sounded frustrated on the phone – I’m sure she received phone calls all day long about reservations for January.  Instead of telling me that they can’t book for January yet, she sent me to the Houston Housing Authority – why, I’m not sure.  I abruptly called IATBP back and she finally told that they aren’t offering online reservations for January and she can’t do it over the phone for me, either – she also told me to check back in a few weeks.  So, sadly…I opted for another hotel down the road.  I’m not waiting a couple week for the other 23,000 people to take all of the Downtown hotel rooms. Oh well. Life goes on.

Back to happy again…………………………..I’m just glad I got in the race!  We are planning on going up on Friday night so we can watch the Olympic Trials the day before the Marathon!!

I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!

Olympic Trials Marathon Houston TX Logo

Anyone else in?! Maybe we can have a bloggers meet up before the race!


  1. Congrats - that's super exciting!

  2. Eeeee!! That is SO exciting, Karen!! You rock. :)

  3. Yipee! I got in too! So excited.

  4. congrats! is there a half marathon? my sister said something about it. she had a qualifying time I think? I dont think she had to do the lottery for some reason? I dont know I wasn't really paying attention lol! Have fun!

  5. So very awesome - congratulations!!!!!

  6. So excited for you Karen!!! I am hoping to come up the night before and watch the olympic trials...if I can!!!

  7. That's amazing news! Congrats!

  8. That sounds awesome! So excited for you!

  9. Slowly catching up on over a week's worth of backlog reading. Congrats on getting in! My dad ran this the last couple years & loved it!


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