Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ripped in 30 Week #2

Before I begin, I am going to whine a minute.

I just burned the poo out of my right hand while cooking dinner!  One of Jillian’s recipes called for roasting fish in the oven in a pan (part cooked on the stove and part cooked in the oven). After I was finished preparing my food, I forgot that the handle on the pot was hot and I grabbed at it to put it in the sink. Oh. My. Gosh. My first and second fingers turned white instantly. Thank GOD I had an extra tube of radiation burn cream. Hope it helps!

2nd whining comment – Week 3 of Jillian is kicking my butt and I’m only on day 2!  If I sit too long, it’s hard to stand.  She has completely killed my inner thighs.  Good grief.

Alright whining over! Now onto my recap of Week #2 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30….

Total lost for the week: 2 pounds – total 5 pounds lost so far. I also started on Monday (TMI guys, I know) but I did fairly well during the week!

Day #1

Wake up at 5 a.m. – Jillian Ripped in 30 DVD Week 2 Day 1
No run after work – I got out WAY late and I met a friend for coffee!


Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 apple, 1 tablespoon walnuts

Mid Morning Snack: Other 1/2 of the apple


Lunch: Subway Veggie Delite and a Homegrown Tomato

Confession - Ok so this was one of my terrible mess up days.  A girl came into work with more candy than I’ve ever seen before in my life. I should have taken a picture.  No lie, she had an entire cardboard box full along with a few bags. It was awful.  Don’t read this….Hah! I had 4 tootsie rolls, a miniature milk way, sixlets, strawberry candy, and 1 Hersheys chocolate mini.  Wow. Yeah…bad.


As if all of that sugar wasn’t enough, I met a friend at Books a Million and had an Orange Dreamsicle Frap.  Lovely.

I skipped Jillian’s snack of Pop Chips and Cottage Cheese because I obviously far exceeded those calorie requirements with the above… :0)


Dinner: Zesty Shrimp Veracruzana


Day #2

Wake up at 5 a.m. – Jillian Ripped in 30 DVD Week 2 Day 2
4 mile run after work


Breakfast: Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

Mid Morning Snack: Apple


Lunch: Salmon and Blueberry Salad

Pre-Run: Banana


Snack: Chips and Salsa


Dinner: Mediterranean Pizza


Day #3

Wake up at 5 a.m. – Jillian Ripped in 30 DVD Week 2 Day 3
5 mile run in the rain after work


Breakfast: Wheat Bagel with Fat Free Cream Cheese

Mid Morning Snack: Peach


Lunch: Mango Chicken Salad

Snack: Kashi Bar/Banana (Was supposed to be sunflower seeds and watermelon – I decided to change it because I had neither item in my house and didn’t feel like going to the store)

photo5 photo17

Dinner: Mahi Mahi Tacos and Grapes


Day #4

Wake up at 5 a.m. – Jillian Ripped in 30 DVD Week 2 Day 4
4 mile run after work


Breakfast: Sweet Potato and 1 Turkey Sausage Link

Mid Morning Snack: Apple


Lunch: Turkey and Avocado Wrap; Fresh grown Tomato/Cucumber; 1/2 cookie (cause my boss twisted my arm! Hah!)


Snack: Pear and String Cheese


Dinner: Nut Encrusted Chicken with Green Beans and Rotel

Sweet things: Tootsie Roll Pop and 2 small cookies
I was still hungry so I had a banana! :0)


Day #5

No workout – rest day. I ate WAY too many calories on this day!!!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with Apples and Walnuts; 1/2 cup grapes

Mid Morning Snack: Apple


Lunch: Izzos – Roll your own burrito; Whole wheat with chicken, onions, tomatos, salsa, and lettuce; also, 1 serving of chips and salsa


Snack: Lara Bar – Peanut Butter Cookie Flavor


Dinner: This was BAD. We had a church event that we made little sandwiches for – I had a lot.  I also had celery and carrot sticks as well as a few tootsie rolls. I’m addicted to those darn things.

Even so, my overall calorie count for the day wasn’t terrible, so I didn’t feel so bad. I think all of those little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches helped me on my long run the next day…just a theory! :0)


Day #6

Wake up at 5 a.m. – 8 mile run with my running group


Pre-Run: Cliff Mojo Bar and 1 GU during the run
Post-Run: Small slice of watermelon – I came home and CRASHED on the couch until lunch!

When I woke up, I was so zonked I felt confused. I had a banana while I fixed my lunch and that helped wake me up!


Lunch: Chickpea Burger with Celery and Carrot Sticks; Jamba Juice Mango Mantra Smoothie (homemade)


Dinner: O’Charleys Cedar Planked Tilapia with Asparagus and a side salad with no cheese or croutons


Sweet things: Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream Bar (We heard that a new frozen yogurt place opened up near us so we drove there – about 20 minutes away, only to find out they weren’t open yet!  ugh! So I had a skinny cow bar instead!)


Day #7

Rest day!


Breakfast: Ezekiel 4:6 English Muffin with 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp Almond Butter


I ate all the fajitas before I remembered to take a picture!  Whoops!


Lunch: Mexican restaurant after church – I had chicken fajitas with no cheese! :0)  I also had fruit and a few chips/salsa


Snack: 1 Tootsie Roll (the last of them) and a small box of Dots


Dinner: Nut Encrusted Chicken Breast with Green beans and rotel

I helped a friend book all the restaurants for her Walt Disney World Honeymoon in December – we worked on it for about 2 hours on Sunday night. After she left, I was in a Disney depression so I ate 1/2 of a Mickey Mouse rice crispy treat! Hah!


Sweet things: 1/2 Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treat


Ok so that’s the end of week 2!  Somehow in all of that madness, my body still found some way to burn 2 pounds off!  Yay!

Week 3 recap will be up sometime next week! :0)

Also, stay tuned – I have an exciting giveaway opportunity from Everyday Health coming up!! :0)


  1. Looks like you did really good eating! I think you need to allow yourself a few slip ups so you don't go crazy when you do have a slip up. Great job!

  2. Sorry you burned your hand. I seriously do that all the time. I also inevitably grate my thumb if I need lemon zest or shredded cheese.

    I'm so inspired and impressed by your week - even with the slip ups. Great job!

  3. Great job on the dedication! All that food looks yummy! I have various books on receipes and cooking but I just never crack them open. I will have to plan out some meals and go shopping for that.

  4. your posts make me so hungry!! everything looks so yummy! i love the bbq popchips! they are my fav!! i bought jillian's shred with weights. haven't started it yet. im a little nervous though!

  5. Way to go on the diet! That food looks so yummy....well except the cottage cheese. I do not think I could choke that down very well! Sorry about burning your hand. I haven't done that in a while...thank goodness!


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