Monday, June 13, 2011

“On the Run” Vlog

I was bored on my run today, so instead of regular blogging, I made a video blog!  :0)


Have a fabulous day!

Edited to add: K made a good point in a comment and I want to thank her for bringing up this point! Laying out in the sun for prolonged periods of time is NOT a good thing, especially not in large volumes. In fact, being out in the sun at all without skin protectant is very dangerous! 

I don’t lay out for a long time – I’m mostly just trying to “fix” the tan lines that my running shorts have caused.  I also wear skin protectant – it doesn’t have a high SPF, but I’m definitely not out long enough to burn. 

Thanks for bringing this point up, K. As an Oncology Nurse, who works with skin cancers 70% of the day, I wouldn’t want people to think I was encouraging bad sun/skin habits!  I’m also definitely not justifying my actions – however, I like to think that I am only out in the sun long enough to “Make Vitamin D”! :0) 


  1. love the vlog! Glad you made it in mostly covered! hey, one time i was laying out (by the way, you totally shouldn't do this - i already had skin cancer removed off my face when i was 30!) and had my towel and book and was in a chair in my swimsuit but i had a 2 piece swimsuit (this was before marriage...and kids...and getting old made one of those IMPOSSIBLE) drying in the chair next to me. I heard a car in the driveway and went inside and saw it was the electric man who had to check the meter out back where i i just stayed inside. After he left, i go out and realize he saw towel, book and SWIMSUIT laying there and probably thought a naked woman was walking around! Yikes! =)

  2. you are so funny! love your sweet accent! I so want to hook up with you at some Disney running event! I am sure you looked fab in your suit!!

  3. I missed running with you. And that video is hilarious!

  4. great idea!

    and dont kill the hubs

  5. Too funny!! Only that would happen to you!!


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