Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain Rain (don’t) Go Away!

Rain Rain Rain!

Boy did we need it!!!!

It’s rained on and off (mostly on) the past two days and we needed it big time!  The grounds and plants and trees have appreciated it, that’s for sure! :0)


When I left work today (dressed in my running gear, of course), this is what greeted me at the back door.  Hmmm…what do we do now?


Of course, my nutty friends and I decided that it would be ok to run in the rain!  I am so glad we did!  We had a grand old time – running and splashing through puddles, getting each other wet – awesome awesome time!   It wasn’t pouring down rain, it was raining very steady – which kept us nice and cool!!


We were soaked but it was totally worth it!  We were able to run 5 miles in 47 minutes which is super good for us because this weather has been getting to us and we’ve had to slow down a lot!

Hope you’ve had a great day!!!  It’s almost the weekend!

Stay tuned!  An exciting giveaway opportunity is coming up soon!  :0)


  1. That sounds so much fun running through the rain! Ya'll are getting to be super speedy running that fast! Wow! That is awesome! We just missed the rain yesterday whenever we went out, but it still felt great outside and we went swimming afterwards anyways!

  2. I actually love running in the rain, as long as it's not like crazy monsoon weather and there is no lightning! Great job on the run!!! You are becoming a BEAST RB!!!! lol


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