Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

Well, I’ve been nominated for 2 more blogger challenges!  The first is the Amazing Blogger Award and I was nominated for it by Stephanie at Running to Health!  The second challenge will be in an upcoming blog post! :0)

Amazing Blogger Award

Here we go!

[Favorite Cartoon Character]

This one isn’t hard! :0)


Being the Disney fan that I am, of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the obvious answers!!

[Favorite Thing to Photograph]


Sunrises and sunsets!  I love the beauty of early morning runs!  I feel so much closer to God when I run in the early mornings! :0)

[Favorite Thing to Cook]


I won’t lie – in high school, I made a MEAN batch of Chocolate Chip cookies! I was asked to make them for every single class party and for graduation, my cookie making skills even made their way into my classmate’s prediction for my future! Hah!  For our 10 year reunion, guess what I was asked to make?  Yep!  Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I don’t make these very often for myself because I can’t eat just one!  :0)

[Favorite Way to Exercise]


Why running, of course! :0)

[Favorite Movie]

One guess….

“Crying? There’s no crying in BASEBALL!”


Yep, A  League of Their Own! This is one of the few movies that I memorized most of the lines!  Even though I’ve seen it about a million times, I still cry like a baby at the end during the Hall of Fame part!


LOVE this movie!

Other favorites include: Field of Dreams, the Rookie, High School Musical, A Walk to Remember, Valentines Day, He’s Just Not that Into You, etc. :0)

[Favorite Article of Clothing]


I don’t have a particular item in mind, but I do have a favorite store!  Banana Republic!  It’s probably a good thing that our nearest store is 2 hours away – I’d spend WAY too much money otherwise! Haha!

[Favorite Flower]


Growing up, my grandfather gave me a vase full of sweet peas every time I went to visit him.  They quickly became my favorite flower and I even dried the petals of the last vase of sweet peas he gave me! :0)

[Favorite Breakfast]


I’m a stickler for anything that contains fruit in it for breakfast!  This includes waffles with fruit topping, cheerios with a banana, oatmeal and fruit, etc.

[Favorite Book]


I have a LOT of favorite books, and one thing that helps making reading easier is my Kindle! I love love love this thing!!! :0)

[Favorite Place to Be]


The place where all my Dreams come true! :0)  Walt Disney World!  I’m seriously having withdrawals…it’s time to go back!

[Favorite Sporting Event]


America’s past-time!  Baseball!  Even though I’m not very happy with the Astros at the moment, nothing will deter my love for my sport!! :0)

Now I have to pick a few people to repost this on their blog!

Kayla at Running Through Life
Heather at Life and Running
Heather at Running With Sass


  1. I love these things, because I always get to learn more about the bloggers that I follow! I love fruit in my breakfast, too.

  2. How many times have you been to Disney World? Have you ever been to Disney Land? I am a late bloomer and my first trip was with my husband and family in February 2008. We went back for my birthday in December 2009.

  3. I have got a lot of catching up to do on my blog, that is for sure!!

  4. Congratulations for being nominated Karen .:)

  5. fun! thanks Karen! of course we have several of the same favorites :)

  6. Please e-mail me that tart recipe. I love fruit tarts, especially if they are a little healthier. haha Thank you!

  7. Ooh, I love Mickey, A League of Their Own, baseball, and baking too! lol. Oh and of course, WDW, DL, and DCL...


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