Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Tea, Movie Stars, & More Birthdays!

Did you know that yesterday was Free Tea day at McAlisters? 


It was so important that it was marked on my calendar at work!


Of course, all of my coworkers and I had McAlisters for lunch!  I re-created the Patriot…it was my favorite sandwich and it was removed from the menu! :0(  I haven’t had it in a LONG time so I decided to get it yesterday!  It’s wheat bread, Turkey meat, Lettuce Tomato, and their Orange Cranberry Sauce….oh so yummy!!! :0)

Also, if you saw my Twitter feed the past few days, you know that I asked what movie star I should be for something at work!  Well, I received LOTS of suggestions, and I decided to go with Sandra Bullock!

Sandra_Bullock_Hair_Styles  photo9

OK, not a perfect comparison, but our hair was similar…sort of….!!!  Hah!


Our hospital is hosting a new set campaign of ads – billboards, commercials, etc. and yesterday was the grand “premier”!  So, we had to stand outside of the walkway and great our “fans” as they came in for the premier.  HILARIOUS.  Seriously! 


L to R: Dolly Partin, JLo, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie (she had baby dolls and the “tattoo” on her arm and everything!), Jennifer Hudson, and Sharon Stone! 

Of course, Dolly got most of the attention….

Anyway, after the grand premier, I ran with Heather, then I came home to get ready for my mother’s birthday!  We went to eat out at McAlisters, and afterward, we had cake!


One of my most favorite salads (minus the blue cheese)!


The cake was AMAZING!  It was a Bananas Foster cake so the filling was bananas foster and the icing was cream cheese….oh so delicious!


Cake!  Did someone say cake?! :0)

I hope my mom had a very happy and extra special birthday!

Happy Running and have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Someone was telling me the other day that I should try McAlisters for lunch sometimes. There isn't one on my side of town though.

    Cake looks delish!

  2. yay tea! Sadly I didn't get any. yesterday was really stressful, and I didnt get to leave the house till 7:30 when I went to the gym to meet Bobby after he taught tumbling.
    Happy birthday to your mom! The cake looks yum!

  3. thats totally who I pick when someones says "who would play you in a movie"

  4. You look great in your movie star picture! :)

  5. i can totally see the resemblance!


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