Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Birthday!


Ok so this is kinda late in the day, but better late than never, right? :0)


to one of my dearest friends, Heather from Running With Sass!!!!!!



If you remember, Heather and I ran the 2011 WDW Marathon together!


We’ve been friends for a while now – we met when we were both planning our WDW Honeymoons (hers was in January and mine was in April) and we’ve been buddies ever since!

We were both bit by the running bug around the same time and we’ve completed quite a few races together! :0)


I found a few photos from a WDW 2009 trip that we took!  That trip feels like forever ago!  I still think the 2nd picture is hilarious – we thought we were in line for the Narnia attraction when we were really in line to see Prince Caspian!  We realized it a little too late and just decided to go along with it anyway!  Hah!!!  (PIRATE!) :0)  That was seriously like the best WDW trip EVER!!!!! Can’t wait to do it again!! :0)

Sooo, I got off track there!!  Heather – I hope you had a GREAT and FABULOUS birthday and I hope you have an amazing year!!!

Stop by and tell her Happy Birthday!!! :0)


  1. Just found your blogs.. I love Disney too.

    We eloped and got married by a JP at the Grand Floridian Hotel several years ago. Fun!

  2. Aw Karen thanks so much, I had a great day and II love my present! Jen got me a grand floridian water bottle and a disney dessert cookbook and then with what you got Me I told bobby my best friends know me so well hahaha!


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