Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday! :0)


A very happy birthday to my Superhero running friend, Heather!!!


photo photo2

A new season of our running group started up again today, and it’s their birthday, too!  5 years!

I joined GoRun back in July of 2008 – as a training resource for the 2009 WDW Half Marathon.  Looking back now, I think about all the days I ran by myself and sat through post-run seminars alone – and I become even more grateful for the great friends that God has placed in my life!  :0)


We ran 12 HUM-MID miles today!  After the run, we played in the fountain!!  The water was cold and felt awesome!

((Sorry about the next few pictures – my iPhone camera fogged up so these are a bit blurry!))


It’s present time!!! :0)

photo5 photo6

We had to have 2 cards – a funny and a serious, of course! :0)


This gift was a joke – Heather’s weakness is bread so we got her a loaf of Jalapeno Cheese Bread from a local bakery – YUM!!!!!


Enjoy that bread, Heather! Hah!


Aaaaaannnnd it’s not a birthday without CAKE! 

CAKE!  Who said cake?!

photo9  photo11  

I had a PB&J cupcake…SO good!!!! :0)  (I didn’t eat any GU along the run so I could eat a cupcake after!  See where my priorities lie?! Hahaha!)


We also received our training schedules for Houston today!!!!  Houston….yikes.  It’s officially real.

Hope everyone has a great rest of your weekend!

Don’t forget about the My Calorie Counter Guide Giveaway!!!  Contest ends tomorrow!!! :0)


  1. Looks like a fun run. A pb&j cupcake sounds delicious!!!!!

  2. Thank you for making my birthday so special!
    Bobcat!! Squirrel!!

  3. Thanks for making my bday so special!
    Love the pictures!


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