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Disney World at Christmas Recap Part 4

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After a much needed good night’s rest, we headed to EPCOT for our last full day at Disney World. Funny story – when we arrived at EPCOT, only 1 part of our Honeymoon posse was there. He said that the Bride was tired and didn’t feel good so he LEFT her in the room!  He told her if she wanted to sleep in on their Honeymoon, she should have chosen the beach! HAH!

The line to enter the park was HUGE. Seriously. The lines were at various gates that wove back around to the Monorail. Once the park opened, it took us 15 minutes to get to the gate! Crazy! I’ve been to WDW when it’s been busy, but not quite like this! 

As we were standing in line to enter the park, the Groom replayed the events of the morning to us with the Bride not wanting to get up, feeling sick, etc. He said that she was just being dramatic and that’s why he left her. Well, the lady behind us in line overheard the conversation and she jumped in. She told us how WONDERFUL it was that he left his new wife in the room by herself. She said that they were starting out their marriage on the right foot by him showing the Bride that he wouldn’t put up for nonsense, etc. IT WAS HILARIOUS. She then proceeded to inform us that she’s a Certified Life Coach and if more couples were like this bride and groom, there wouldn’t be as much fighting, divorce, etc. OMG seriously she was cracking us up! My husband coined her “Sarah Palin” (she kind of looked like Sarah…and every time we saw her in the park that day, my husband would say, “Look it’s Sarah!”)

So “Sarah” decided to inform EVERYONE in line that the groom left his new wife in their room all by herself while she was sick (and on their Honeymoon, too) – she also included how wonderful she thought that was, etc. An older woman in front of us turned around and said, “Hump. Well your marriage won’t last a long time!” Hah!!!!  “Sarah” responded… “Oh yes it WILL!”

You missed the entertainment! Seriously it was SO funny!!

After FINALLY making it into the park, we went straight to Soarin for Fast Passes. The man working the machines was super nice and printed a fast pass for the non-existent Bride, too!

Up  next, we got in line for Mission Space. We all rode the “chicken” side – I can’t handle all of that spinning non-sense. I did tell the boys to get in the extreme side but they stayed with me instead!


The Bride finally met us around 10 a.m. We saw Figment and Michael Jackson which was pretty neat! It’s funny to see how far technology has come in just a few short years!

We had lunch reservations at Coral Reef!


This is my husband’s favorite restaurant on property so we try to stop by as often as possible. My favorite restaurant – Ohana - was booked solid our entire trip. Oh well.


Love the view!


We rode Test Track, but in the single rider line – and yes, I knew where the camera was, again. Hah!


My husband loves listening to these guys!! They are rather entertaining!


We grabbed a mid afternoon snack. After we ate, our Honeymooner friends left us to go to Downtown Disney.


This was a Peppermint Ice Cream Cookie. AMAZING!


Jason and I decided to stay because we wanted to see the Voices of Liberty. I love listening to them!



After Voices of Liberty, we walked around the countries and took our time to see everything!


The last time we were in EPCOT at Christmas, we missed a lot of the extra Christmas festivities, so I wanted to see as much as possible! I love World Showcase!


This is a traditional picture for me. I’ve taken a picture in this spot every trip. Know why?


Anyone remember these guys?  Yeah….that’s NSYNC! They held a Christmas Concert in WDW back in 1998 or 1999 (those were the days!)  They were interviewed in the Germany pavilion, right where I’m standing…..hence my “traditional” picture, even after all these years! Hah!

My oh my….I’m so special.

Ok moving on….after my Germany picture, we stopped in Norway to see the Christmas Storytellers! These guys were really good!


We also spotted the musicians in Mexico so we stopped to listen!


The sunset over the lake was gorgeous!



Before the night was over, we saw two additional story tellers – Father Christmas in the United Kingdom (he was my favorite) and LaBefana in Italy!

DSC_0233 DSC_0249

In the mean time, the Candlelight Processional began – so we stood in the back to watch a little bit of the show. We got to see the Candlelight Procession last time we were in Disney for Christmas. We watched it with guest reader Stephen Curtis Chapman who is a Christian recording artist. He was AMAZING and I don’t feel as if we could have topped that performance so we didn’t go again. This time, Trace Adkins was the guest reader.


Our Honeymoon friends rejoined us for Illuminations. We staked out a spot VERY early (an hour and a half before the show) so as we were waiting, the bride and I rode the boat ride in Mexico!


I also fell asleep while waiting on Illuminations to begin. I guess all those late nights finally caught up to me!

DSC_0272 DSC_0293 DSC_0304 DSC_0315

The show was amazing as always!


Michael just HAD to make fun of that “crowd diver” woman from the night before. She was just ridiculous, I mean…really. Who does that?! It’s Disney World and it’s Christmas time. If you didn’t want the crowds, then come at a DIFFERENT time of the year. Hello.

Rant over.

Up next: Homeward bound. Sad sad times.


  1. That peppermint ice cream cookie looks and sounds so yummy! I had to laugh at the crowd diver picture.. so funny!

  2. man I wish I could go to Disney World during Christmas--- I'll add that to my bucket list. I'm assuming by the every year 'nsync recreating photo that you were a big fan?

  3. WHERE did you get that peppermint ice cream sandwich???!!! AMAZING looking!!

  4. my goodness I would have fallen asleep! I don't know how yall stayed up that long on so little sleep!


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