Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Houston Half Marathon Recap Part 2: The Expo

Incase you missed it: Olympic Trials – Houston Half Marathon Recap Part 1


I collected my parents/husband and we walked into the George Brown Convention Center (aka GRB) for the Expo!


I love expos!


Funny thing was, I had to go to BOTH lines for packet pick up…yeah!


We loved walking around seeing everything! The Cliff tasting bar was fun!


Look who I ran in to at the Saucony booth! My fellow Claim Your Journey blogger Brandon! He was there doing media coverage of the trials!


These “models” cracked me up!!!


Had to stop at the Run Disney booth, of course!


This is how I felt at the beginning of December…YAY Houston Marathon…woohooo!


And this is how I felt the day before the race….sad times for the Houston Marathon…. :0(


I needed all the luck I could get! Hah!



After finishing up at the Expo, we walked out to the Olympic Green area.

DSC_0459 DSC_0461

It was fun to look around!


We also found a random Subway for lunch! Yum!

For dinner, I met up with Heather and her husband and a few other fellow runners for dinner!


We were very disappointed with dinner. Heather’s husband’s running group has always eaten at this restaurant before the race which had a special Marathon menu and awesome bread pudding. Heather talked about the bread pudding so much during training that I just knew I had to go with her! Well, we got to the restaurant, were told that they were not doing the Marathon menu anymore, AND they did not have bread pudding. WHAT? Instead, we were told that there was a different similar dessert. After we ate, I ordered the bread pudding replacement, only to discover that they didn’t have it, either. I was NOT a happy camper. Because of this restaurant, we also missed our running group meeting. Lovely. Definitely not going back. The restaurant was McCormick & Schmick's by the way.


On our way back to the hotel, we took a few pictures!

DSC_0477 DSC_0479

I hoped I wouldn’t fall and injure myself even more! Hah!

My parent’s/husband went to eat at a Chinese Restaurant not too far from our hotel. They didn’t go to Mccormick and Schmicks because the Saints game was still going on.

Since I didn’t get dessert at the poopy restaurant, I attempted to order it here. Of course, the first thing I ordered, they didn’t have.


I ended up with this banana split something or another. It really wasn’t very good. Oh well.


I thought this was funny because we were all playing on our iPhones! Hah!


We got back to the room and I set my gear out for the next day!

Up next: The race…dun dun dun….

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