Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Stronger!

If you’ve followed my updates recently, you know that I was injured just a few short weeks before the Houston Marathon.

I also shared a Physical Therapy update a few weeks later….

So now here I am – less than a month away from the New Orleans Rock and Roll Full Marathon. Do I think I’ll be able to do it? You bet. Am I scared that I might have to walk half of it? You bet.

I’m still seeing Physical Therapy, although it’s been cut down to 2 days a week. I’m seeing them on Monday and Thursday for strength training, and I’m running on my own on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. It’s crazy how much stronger I feel from just a few short weeks.

Here’s a look at my normal PT routine:
1/2 mile warmup on the treadmill
3 sets of squats on the bar machine (10 squats equals 1 set)
3 sets of ball squats (again 10 squats equals 1 set)
Forward lunges/backward lunges across the room (2 sets)
Side ways lunges across the room (2 sets)
Resistance band strengthening exercises for the hips – 3 sets each direction, each foot

5 minute warmup on the stair master
1 leg backward lunges (with a bar for support) 3 sets per leg (10 lunges equals 1 set)
Side ways lunges across the room (2 sets)
Box raises – 3 sets per leg (10 raises equals 1 set)
There’s another set that I can’t remember!

Of course, when I began the strength training exercises, I did not use any weights at all – it was hard enough on it’s own.  However, two weeks ago, two 8 pound weights were added to my side ways lunges routine. I wanted to die – it hurt SO bad! Last week, they had me do ALL of the lunge exercises with two 5 pound weights.

Yesterday, we increased the resistance and I completed ALL lunge exercises holding two 8 pound weights. When I say I got my workout yesterday, I really got my workout. It’s awesome though because I am feeling SO much stronger. The PT commented that my lunges even look better because I’m not leaning forward as much and I’m able to go down lower when going into the lunge! YAY!

On Sunday, I ran 8 miles. I’m happy to say that the direct knee pain under my knee didn’t bother me so much while running – I did feel un-comfortableness, but no specific pains. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete 8 miles but at least I got it done! :0)  Also, something that “Dr. PT Karen” has noticed is when I stand on my tip toes or wear high heeled shoes, I feel that specific knee pain below my knee. Makes sense when you think about it when correlating to running. I think I hit on the ball of my foot first when I run. On Sunday, I tried to adjust my form a little more so I wasn’t striking on my ball first and I really think that helped me! Hopefully it’s progress!! :0)

In other Rock and Roll news, we held a fundraiser last night for our DetermiNation team! It was at Raising Cane’s and they donated 15% of the nights’ profits to the American Cancer Society for our DetermiNation team!! YAY! We had a great night!


Doesn’t this food look super yummy? Now you know why I needed a good workout at Physical Therapy yesterday! Hah!

Hope you have a fabulous day!


Don’t forget about my DeterminNation Raffle! There’s a lot of really great prizes to be won!!! :0)


  1. I'm glad you are getting better. I wish my doctor would have sent me to PT. He did a physical exam and didn't find anything. Running injuries are so hard to diagnose without an MRI or someone who really, really cares about us meeting our goals. I cut way back last week and then ran 6 on Sunday. It still feels like a ligament is slipping on the outside of my left knee.
    Are you scheduled to do 20 miles this weekend? What is your plan of attack? Do you have a goal pace in mind for the marathon or are you still evaluating that?
    I'm so glad you have good resources available. It likely helps that you work in the medical community. See you in NOLA!

  2. YUM I love canes. So good! Glad you are feeling better! Princess is so ssooonnn!

  3. So glad to hear you are doing better!

  4. That picture of Canes has me wanting to jump in my car and drive there NOW!


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