Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!


L is for the way you looook at meeee….

:0) I am not going to serenade you, I just want to say Happy Valentines Day, even if it is a day late! :0)

I had an awesome day yesterday! It began with a surprise from my dad  at work! He brought me a card, a box of turtles chocolates (yum) and a Starbucks gift card and he left them on my desk for when I arrived at work! I have the best daddy in the world!!

After work, my co-workers and I drove down to the courthouse. A co-worker of ours got married and she let us crash her wedding! It was awesome!!

DSC_0044 Dsc_0094-1

She also let me take them around for a few pictures after the wedding! YAY! Congrats Balinda and Chris!

After the wedding, I came home and finished up the desserts I made for our Valentines date!

Our tradition as long as we can remember: Jason and I have dinner at Olive Garden then we return home for sweets!! :0)


This year’s menu: Strawberry Cake Balls, Chocolate dipped strawberries stuffed with cheesecake, those amazing devilish soft icing cookies from Wal-Mart, and Red Velvet Cheesecake cookies! Can we say sugar overload?! Hah!  (No we didn’t eat it all!)

DSC_0223DSC_0226DSC_0219 DSC_0221

Flowers from my love! :0)

Jason got home at 6:30 p.m. from work. Even though he didn’t get off until late, we decided to brave the crowds anyway! We arrived at Olive Garden around 7:15 p.m. and were seated before 8 p.m.! Olive Garden was not NEAR as bad as it has been in years past! We also had a gift card so that worked out nice! :0)

As we were eating dessert, started talking about Valentines Day in years past. We figured out that this was our 7th Valentines Day!

100_3979the table

Our first Valentines Day date was spent at Olive Garden (of course) followed by dessert at the FEMA trailer that was parked in my parent’s yard! Hah! Hurricane Rita hit months before and our house had to be completely gutted. For 6 months, my brother and I shared a government trailer while my mom and dad shared the other. It was a very interesting 6 months, but we got through it and were back in our house by March! Anyway, I got way off on a tangent there….back to Valentines Day!


A younger version of us on our 1st Valentines Day – February 14, 2006.


Valentines Day 2007 brought around a very special gift! My sweet baby girl Pixie!! Isn’t she SO little? She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand!


All grown up! :0)

How did you spend your Valentines Day? Hope you all had a great one!! :0)


  1. Aww, looks like you two had a great Valentine's! I love the tradition of Olive Garden and then sweets. I'm working on our Valentine's post right now.

  2. strawberry stuffed with cheesecake? sounds yummy!

  3. I love your baby pics of pixie, so so tiny and sweet. I love the pic of her in your pocket that you have! Sounds like yall had a great day. BTW, I LOVE those soft iced cookies. They have them at target, too!


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