Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

Well, we're out of the first trimester and on our way into the second! I see some form of a bump beginning to show!

Here's my week 13 update!
How many weeks are you now?
13 weeks + 6 days

Baby's size? 


Apart from the fatigue, I've also noticed this strange cold/heat intolerance. I get cold super fast which is strange for me. Yes, my TSH and thyroid labs are all normal. :)

On Tuesday of this week, the crazy headache returned and lasted all day. I skipped my planned workout and went to bed around 8:30 p.m. with a heating pad on my neck. Thankfully, I woke up on Wednesday morning just fine! My OB seems to think it's my sinuses/this crazy weather. I do see a pattern so I'm going to agree with her.

Weight Gain:
Still none...I'm definitely eating, too!

Body & Changes: 
A little bit of tummy growth here and there!

Run/walking 3 days per week and PT/strength exercises two days per week (when I remember...sometimes it's just one).

Still in my regular clothing, although I've purchased a few maternity pieces here and there. Family and friends have let me borrow some of their maternity clothing (haven't worn any yet).

Still on the cereal...especially frosted mini-wheats and Oh's!

Ah yes, and solid milk chocolate - especially Hershey Bars...instead of indulging in an entire bar per day, I bought a package of the minis which works out perfectly for me!

Still fish and any steamed veggies. I'm very grateful that my taste for salads returned this week! YAY happy Karen! 

When I found out I was pregnant, I did a bit of research on coffee drinking. I also spoke with my OB as I was an avid coffee drinker on a daily basis. I was able to cut back to a cup of half caff per day but around my 6th week, I no longer had a taste for coffee anymore (VERY unusual for me) I stopped drinking it altogether. I wouldn't necessarily call it an aversion, but I just don't seem to want coffee anymore. On the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), I'll have a cup if I smell it being brewed, but that's about it. Pregnancy does such strange things to the body!

Any Movement?
Not yet!

With three pillows...I kinda stole Jason's extra one...whoops, sorry babe!

 Some maternity clothing as well as the Burt's Bees brand of Mama Bee oil and belly butter! 

What I miss: 
Sleeping on my stomach. :)

What I’m looking forward to:
My Doppler that should arrive this week! 

Best Moment of the Week: 
Working out a few kinks on our baby moon plans - it's kinda funny - we already had this trip planned and it falls at the perfect time, so it's become our baby moon! :)

If you've ever been pregnant, did you plan a baby moon? If so, where did you go? 
What was your favorite pregnancy go-to item that you couldn't live without? I'm thinking of investing in a body pillow or snoogle! 


  1. Yay for a babymoon! Where are you guys headed to?

  2. So pleased to see things going smoothly with your pregnancy. A Disney Cruise will be the perfect vacation too....very relaxing and fun.

  3. I was prggers wiith twins & I was advised bed rest so no baby moon:(
    But, it sounds nice. I think I would have like to a beach LOL

    Love your blog xoxo

  4. Looking good Mama! :)
    We did go on a babymoon. Camping. And it rained constantly. That didn't work out so well. HAHA!
    Tricia (from

    1. Oh nooo! So sorry about the rain! Hope y'all were able to relax anyway!

  5. Yay for a baby moon!!!! So fun! Also - I had headaches constantly. Much worse with Riley. My doctor actually had to give me a scrip for it both kids. I can get you the name if you'd need it.

  6. I love mini chocolates. It's enough and I don't binge on the whole bag.

    1. I definitely agree! I limit myself to just a few each day! :)

  7. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and have constantly suffered with bad sinus headaches this pregnancy. (Yes my BP is fine and my OB is aware :) I don't like taking medications when I'm pregnant so no allergy meds for me and Tylenol does nothing for my headaches.) After having a headache for 2 days & nights straight, I finally tried one of my husband's breathe right strips- next morning bam- headache gone! I've been using breathe right strips for a week now and bad headaches seem to have stopped. I'm able to breathe so much better with my allergies and they really relieve my nasal congestion. Just thought I would offer you that suggestion :)

    1. Nice!! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'll definitely keep that in mind!!

  8. Congrats! We took a babymoon when I was just about 8 months preggo. It was great because I was feeling good. I live in Northern CA and we drove to Yosemite for two days (stayed in a nice cabin). I loved the fall there and was even able to do a short hike!
    Hope your headaches subside. :)

    1. Your baby moon sounds amazing!! Thanks so much!

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