Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks

Whewy! Hello and happy Wednesday! I feel as if Tuesday went by in a whirlwind! After work, I came home and crashed...literally...for at least 3 hours. While sleeping, I had the oddest dream about the gender reveal party that felt so incredibly real. Y'all...pregnancy dreams are insane!

Anyway, on to this week's update!

How many weeks are you now?
15 weeks + 5 days

Baby's size? 
Navel Orange - About 1.5 ounces (estimate from the What to Expect app)

Still sinus junk - it is getting much better, though! A co-worker suggested a humidifier which has helped tremendously! 
There were two days last week where I was hungry Baby growth spurt, perhaps?

Body & Changes: 
Still in the belly/tummy area! I also cry at the drop of a hat...sappy videos on facebook...commercials...etc...

Still run/walking - I have a half marathon and girls weekend planned for this weekend! Can't wait!

Again, still in my regular clothing although I might only make another week or so in my jeans. T-shirts and other tops from my regular clothing closet still fit. 

This week, a new one hit me! Ranch dressing with crunchy lettuce. Seriously? Yes...I could eat salads with ranch dressing all day every day! So....strange....
It's funny to me how these change from week to week, too - and they've been so random...from Frosted Mini Wheats to Hershey chocolate and candy apples to salads with ranch strange! 

Still fish.....and the aroma of steamed veggies, especially broccoli. Ugh.

Any Movement?
None yet!

I. Love. My Snoogle! Best invention ever (apart from the flat iron, of course)!! I sleep well through the night with about one trip to the potty somewhere in the middle of the night.

Maternity jeans and dress pants for church.

What I miss: 
Being able to take medications when I feel bad.

What I’m looking forward to:
Baby's first half marathon and planning our gender reveal! Also, next week's doctor appointment!

Best Moment of the Week: 
Yesterday's 3 hour nap. It was much needed, for sure!

Word of advice - if you're pregnant and don't own a snoogle, you need one! This pillow is amazing!!!

That's it for week 15! Thanks for following along in our journey! :)

Did you have odd dreams when you were pregnant? I need to start writing them down! 
Have you ever owned a snoogle/body pillow? Do you love it?


  1. It's amazing to me the amount of gear that is available for pregnancy and new babies. Back in the olden days when I had a baby, only half of the stuff available today was in the stores back then! Glad your pillow is helping you sleep. I remember being a really good sleeper when I was pregnant!

  2. That pillow looks amazing! I had a little pillow that was like a wedge...I put it under my belly when I was laying on my side. It helped so much! Because when you get bigger the weight of your belly hurts while laying on your side lol! You look so cute Karen! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

  3. I read a blog where the poster was pregnant and doing a couple running events and she was able to get a second medal for the baby that was growing in her. I thought it was so cute that the baby had his own medals on the wall before he was even born.

  4. Loved my snoogle! I also had a lot of weird dreams, too. And I craved frozen stuff like sherbert and snowballs!

  5. Yup, I've definitely had some weird pregnancy dreams! Very vivid! I have a snoogle, but I can't get comfortable with it. I ended up with like 3 regular pillows and a body pillow. Haha :)

  6. I totally wanted salad with ranch dressing for awhile! Lol

  7. The humidifier worked wonders for me when I had a nasty cold during the first trimester. That, and utilizing the old wive's tale of standing over a pot of boiling water.

  8. I never had the pleasure of cravings, but had a fun aversion to veggies. Then plain lettuce and the like give me heartburn ( Also a first for me ever). Pregnancy is so crazy! Glad you got the pillow now, you will love it until the end. It is WORTH IT.


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