Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

Time is slowly ticking away! I've almost reached month five and am loving the second trimester. Our gender scan is scheduled for the middle of November, so we will know if Baby Seal is a boy or girl before long! It's time for my 16 week update, so here we go!
How many weeks are you now?
16 weeks + 6 days

Baby's size? 
Avocado- 4 to 5 inches, 3-5 ounces (estimate from the What to Expect app)

Thankfully the sinus mess has mostly cleared up and gone away...and the headaches have gone with it! YAY! I actually didn't "feel" pregnant this week if that makes any sense.

I ran/walked a half marathon on Saturday. My old right IT Band injury decided to act crazy during my run, so I've been babying that this week. Other than a few walks and some foam rolling, I've been taking it easy. My goal with this pregnancy is to run/walk as long as I'm able. I'm just going to take it day by day and see where that leads! 
In some maternity clothing (jeans/shorts) although most of my regular tops still fit!

I gained three pounds over the past month! That's up four in total! I lost 8 pounds during my first trimester (not sure why because I wasn't sick or anything), so I'm making my way back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

Nothing new this week. The salad and ranch dressing craving has diminished along with the Hershey chocolate craving. I'm still loving cereal and could eat it every meal!

Nothing new here either...still fish and steamed veggies. I did try a bite of fried catfish last week which was pretty tasty and completely surprised me! I guess with the bread coating, the fish smell wasn't able to permeate through. I think my aversion stems from the fish that smell really fishy (like tilapia)...blech.

Any Movement?
Nope, not yet!

Still doing well with this although I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I think it's because I ate late then attempted to fall asleep. Not going to do that again!

A cover and travel case for my snoogle. Also a few baby books to read on our upcoming trip! I still feel so lost in the world of cribs, high chairs, strollers, car seats, etc...

What I miss: 
Sandwiches. I do love sandwiches...and I miss my deli meat. I've read that it's ok to eat them every once in a while and only if the meat has been heated, but I'm overall super paranoid and don't want to take that chance....

What I’m looking forward to:
Planning the gender reveal (now that I have an ultrasound date) and our upcoming trip on board the Disney Wonder! :)

Best Moment of the Week: 
Tuesday's doctor appt...although they were running terribly behind, I do understand since my OB has to leave randomly throughout the day to deliver babies. I only hope when I'm in that situation, other patients will understand, too!
Another great moment of the week happened on Sunday with baby's first half marathon! :)

Did you feel lost when it came to large purchases like cribs, strollers, etc? What helped you decide? Any tips or advice?


  1. I've never liked the smell of steam veggies. It's always gross to me, and I much prefer raw veggies, if I eat veggies at all.

    1. It took me like a month to decide on a car seat/stroller. I asked my fellow mom friends what they had and their likes/dislikes. I looked for the features I wanted, safety ratings, and weight. I was really overwhelmed, but once I decided on the features I wanted based on how I would use it, it seemed to narrow it down. Good luck!

    2. Sorry, don't know why I replied to the previous comment! :)

  2. I just did a ton of research. I got the Chicco key fit infan car seat, and have the bob stroller with adapter for the car seat. Want to say my crib was delta from target. Do you subscribe to lucie's list? Lots of great info there.

  3. I smile when I read these updates Karen. You are so thrilled to be pregnant and it shines through despite some of the unpleasant parts of pregnancy. Before you know it, it will be time to deliver baby Seal!

  4. I love your updates! It makes me so excited!!! I wish I had info to shine on the baby department, but I don't. I'll just keep cheering you along, instead!

  5. You are so adorable.
    So happy for you.

  6. There are definitely a lot of choices out there! Since my sister-in-law is also pregnant, we tag teamed a lot of the research, and actually came to a mutual consensus for a car seat (Chicco Key Fit 30) so that my father-in-law can have a car seat base in his car that will work with both of his grandsons' cars eats. But its definitely overwhelming trying to narrow down all of the choices!


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