Monday, February 22, 2016

A Weekend to Remember!

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge this past weekend! I enjoyed following along with everyone's pictures and their fun times in the parks on social media! See you out there in 2017!


This past weekend was a flurry of activity and flew by so fast! I know I say that about each weekend, but I honestly feel as if I blinked and it was over!

On Thursday night, I received a phone call from one of my best friends. Her due date is three weeks before mine...and well, let's just say her "surprise" arrived way sooner. She was practically in tears on the phone because my shower was Saturday and this was Thursday night. Her doctor advised her that they needed to go ahead and do a c-section the following day (Friday) at 37 weeks pregnant and it wasn't a good idea to wait until Monday, which meant she wouldn't be able to attend or help host the shower. I told her not to fret because I would much rather everyone safe and healthy over attending a shower!

So, instead of attending the final portion of our birthing classes with her, I went alone (which I was totally fine with) because Jason was working. Actually, I'm glad I went alone because so did all of the other ladies in the class!

This little gal was my companion for the evening!

On Friday, I couldn't hardly wait for work to end - I had a newborn to visit! As soon as I left, I picked  cupcakes up from a local bakery to bring with me to the celebration!

As a bonus, I was one of the first ones to get to hold baby Caroline! I mean, I might be her future mother in law, right? (Hehe)

She was so sweet....and holding her only made me even more excited for my little boy to arrive!

I woke up early on Saturday morning and shot a text to my sister in law who was staying at my parent's house. I asked if she wanted to grab breakfast at a local cafe and she agreed!

On my way there, I spotted my little turtle friends for the first time this year (it was warm out and they were soaking up the sun)! I just hope the neighborhood kids leave them alone. 

After breakfast, I brought my sister in law back to my parent's house and visited for a while before returning home to get ready for the shower! Eeek!

Y'all, I couldn't have been more pleased with the results of the shower! Our church recently experienced an internal flood, so everything is being conducted in our Children's Building (all services, classes, events, etc). This room is huge and I knew it would be a challenge to decorate, but all of the ladies in charge did an outstanding job!

I did ask a professional photographer friend of mine to take pictures so I didn't have to worry about my soon as I have them back, I'll share them with you guys!

The corsages were hand made by my sister in law and I loved them!! She did an excellent job! If you can't tell, our nursery theme is "Mickey Baseball"...I'm still working the decoration kinks out at the moment...

I taught these girls on Wednesday nights from 4th grade through their senior year in high school. One of them even made a special trip from Baton Rouge just for the shower! It was so good to see them again!!

After the shower was said and done, I kicked my feet up to relax while everyone cleaned and straightened up the room. It was rather funny....well, maybe they didn't think so but I did!

I also had of each!

We were SO blessed with everyone who came out to the shower and everything we received as gifts! The outpouring of love from our family and friends was incredible and I appreciate each and every person who took time out of their busy schedule to pop in and say hello! I can't wait to share the shower pictures with you guys!

That night, I immediately set to getting the baby's room straight. 

It took until almost 1 a.m., but the photo below is the end result! Yay! 

On Sunday, we had lunch at Izzos after's like a Subway type restaurant but with a burrito theme....and it's messy!

One napkin for the lap and one for the bump! Thankfully, there were no mishaps! Yay!

Jason also spent a little time practicing his swaddling skills this weekend on our puppy. She's a Houdini and figured out how to escape from the first attempt!

He got it right the second time, though! (This is her MOMMA SAVE ME face!) Haha!

...and here we are at Monday once again! I hope you all have a fabulous week!!

What was your favorite part of the weekend?


  1. It looks like y'all had a great time! I love the Mickey baseball theme!! My favorite part of the weekend was finally being able to breathe again Sunday. LOL!

  2. What better way to practice swaddling than on a squirming dog? I love her "rescue me" face.

  3. Aww your shower looked lovely. It warms my heart that all those students came to support you. You are so loved!

  4. I love that Jason practiced his swaddling skills on the dog. Too cute! And the Mickey Baseball theme for the nursery is so fitting for you guys. Love it!

    1. Thanks! I'm excited for it to all come together!

  5. I loved how you made sure that you looked for the one who gave you the gift so that you could not only thank them, but give them the pleasure of your opening their gift. You are always so aware of people and their feelings. You are a wonderful person. We love you honey.

  6. That photo of Pixie being swaddles is just too precious. I remember when Christine was a child she would dress up our Yorkie in doll clothes. The dog hated it and thankfully she did it only a couple times.

    1. Oh goodness my poor doggies! I can only imagine.... Haha!


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