Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

How many weeks are you now?
32 weeks, 6 days - 7 weeks left! Aaah!

Baby's size? 

Head of Lettuce per the What to Expect app.

The relaxin...oh the relaxin has set in to my joints. Last weekend was rough - my hips hurt SO bad!

The heartburn returned a few times this week but nothing unbearable!

Still no swelling or stretch marks...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way as long as possible.  My blood pressure has remained excellent all pregnancy - it was 110/62 at my appointment last week.

The symptoms of tightening and pressure I was experiencing before have eased off a lot...I'm going to ask at my next appointment if I can resume light walking. The shortness of breath is what blows my mind...I find it crazy that I ran a half marathon not that long ago and now it's hard to walk down a hallway!

Weight Gain:
Actually, I was down 1 pound this week. No one was concerned or worried, though. Total weight gain is 22 pounds. 

Gummy things - like fruit snacks or gummy bears.

Also cheese crackers. What. The. Heck. Hah!

No changes, still fish.
Sleep has been going well although I started waking up around 5 or 5:30 a.m. every morning to use the restroom. Other than that, I still sleep through the night and haven't had any more bouts of insomnia! YAY!

Nothing new this week!
What I miss: 
Cold weather training.

What I’m looking forward to: dad and husband are setting up all of the nursery furniture! Can't wait! We are also taking our maternity photos on Saturday so that should be fun! Oh yes, and I put the deposit down on a photographer for his newborn photos! :)

We also have the second part of our childbirth class tonight! It should be fun...last week was interesting for sure! :) I might have cried when the video of the babies being born was shown. (Pregnancy hormones, people!)

Best Moment of the Week:  
Having a clean guest bedroom! It's a great feeling to finally have all of the furniture moved to its new home! Also, I worked on the hospital wreath a bit this week as well as the letters for his name for our maternity shoot. I'm not quite finished with them yet but it's all getting there! 

I also still love feeling him move and kick around! I've been counting his kicks and movements on a daily basis through an app called "full term" and that's been fun too! :) 

Another week down...7 to go! Baby boy will be here before we know it! I do have to add, I've really enjoyed the process of being pregnant - although I have heard some rude comments from people and have had my uncomfortable moments, it's really been an enjoyable experience overall! :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I seemed to gain the most of my weight in the last 3-4 weeks. I was shocked at how quickly I packed on those last few pounds! I still only gained 28-30 pounds but I was way under before that!
    I am so glad you are having baby in early spring. Being full term in the heat of the summer definitely makes the pregnancy not as enjoyable haha. Can't wait to see the nursery!

  2. So many exciting things coming up this weekend, Karen! Hope you have fun with your photo shoot!


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