Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Disney at Christmas Part 3: Osborne Lights!

Next up on our Disney Christmas trip was the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. With 2015 being its 20th and final year, we knew that seeing these again was a must!

Before Hollywood Studios, our friends stopped by Port Orleans Riverside so we could unload our luggage. Here's where the "extended" version of our trip came into play. When we found out that our Princess 2016 trip was going to have to be deferred due to pregnancy, we tacked on a few extra days to our December trip and stayed at Riverside!

After attempting to drive to Hollywood Studios (it was MADNESS, y'all), we were redirected to the Epcot parking lot where we would then board a bus to Hollywood Studios. Instead, we decided to park at Riverside and take bus to HS from there.

Vacation mode!

We finally made it!

I loved all of the Christmas decorations! After riding a few rides (the boys headed for the roller coasters while we stuck with the Great Movie Ride and Little Mermaid), we ate dinner then set out for the Streets of America!

20th and final year. Sad times.

The display was breathtaking as always!!


The crowd was MADNESS!

I just couldn't get enough! We spent a majority of the night trying to find that silly black cat.

After a few hours, we sat down on the backside of the display to rest and I noticed a hidden Mickey. All of a sudden, Jason said "KITTY" and pointed up towards the lights! Yep, there he was! Good eye, Jason!

Towards the end of the evening, the crowd began to thin out significantly. Even thought the park closed at a specific time, the Osborne Lights continued to run for an additional hour after park closing.

I actually managed a shot without a person in it!

Our tradition is to eat a gingerbread cookie while exploring the lights, so we did just that! It was delicious, too!

After saying goodbye, we left and headed back to our resort. It was Randy's birthday that day and a little celebrating was called for! Our poor wrapped gift for Randy didn't make it over so well - TSA decided to open it to inspect the roux that was inside. (Roux is what we use for a gumbo base and apparently our roux looked suspicious.)

Ah well, we made the most of it and enjoyed celebrating his birthday!

What is your take on the Osborne Lights? Sad/happy they are going?


  1. Girl I'm super sad they are gone because I've never seen them! I've never been to Disney at Christmas.

  2. SO sad about the lights. My last time to see them was wine and dine 2013, and I wish I had known it would be my last :(

  3. We loved seeing the Osborne lights for one last time in November. It is sad, but I guess Disney feels it is important to develop the Star Wars area. I'm definitely disappointed.

  4. I don't totally understand what is going on with them. I heard that the streets of America are coming down to make room for star wars land. Is that true? I don't understand why they can't move the lights to somewhere else. I think it's sad. I wonder if they will create an even bigger/better display? I feel like that is part of what attracts people to wdw at that time of year. Of course it's not the only reason but you know what I mean, right?


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