Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter

On the final morning of our Disney World December trip, I decided to take a little walk to Port Orleans French Quarter for a beignet breakfast. Luckily, our room at Port Orleans Riverside was in the closest possible building to French Quarter - all I had to do was cross the bridge!

I tracked my steps and it was about a 0.4 mile walk from the building we were staying in at Riverside to the Sassagoula Floatworks Food Court at French Quarter.

That's French Quarter ahead of me in the above picture - literally all I had to do was cross the bridge! 

Once I made it to French Quarter, I wandered around and checked out a little bit of the resort as I'd never visited before!

This resort is in the moderate category and was very nice from the outside! Again, we stayed at Riverside, so I don't have any pictures of the inside of the rooms...

I loved the lobby!

The Mardi Gras/Christmas theme was everywhere in the lobby! A lot of people and places here at home (my work included) keep their Christmas tree up once Christmas is over and transform it into a Mardi Gras tree!

I'll admit, I did giggle at some of the offerings in the gift shop. For real, this is how I legit make Gumbo and Jambalaya...yes, it's with a prepackaged mix....and it's delicious, too!!

The architecture of the resort definitely matched the New Orleans feel! 

A lot of the pieces you see inside the Food Court are actually from the Mardi Gras factory in New Orleans. 

In all, I spent a good half hour wandering throughout the resort.

I brought breakfast back to the resort for Jason and I to eat. I somehow ended up with an extra order of beignets (you have to pay for them first, then return with the ticket to pick them up). Well, someone never came back for their order, so the ladies behind the counter gave that order to me!

Although the beignets were good, they weren't Cafe du Monde good. I wasn't expecting them to be (after all, we weren't actually IN New Orleans), but I couldn't help but compare.

I will say, these beignets were definitely worth the walk and I enjoyed starting off the morning in that fashion!

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Have you ever stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter? What are your thoughts of the resort? 


  1. POFQ is one of my favorite resorts! We've stayed there a couple of times..while there are others I'd like to check out this one is a favorite :)

    1. It's such a cute resort! I love the feel of it all! :)

  2. Lucky that you got two orders of beignets!
    I have stayed at both POR and POFQ and love them both. Unfortunately it's been a while since we've stayed there (2013 I think) cus it keeps getting passed by for new resorts we want to try!

    1. I completely know how you feel! We were booked at FQ for Princess but had to cancel when we deferred the trip!

  3. I love POFQ for race weekends! The smaller size means less walking and shorter bus lines. I will be staying there again for Star Wars Dark Side. I also love that 3 beignets count as a snack on the dining plan.

    1. That's a super good point! Smaller resort, shorter bus lines! I never thought of it that way! :)

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