Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

How many weeks are you now?
38 Weeks, 6 Days - I'll hit 39 weeks TOMORROW...each time I write one of these updates, I wonder when it will be my last! :) There's only EIGHT days until my due date! EIGHT!

Baby's size?
Swiss Chard (that made me giggle) per the What to Expect app.
Baby measured at 7 lbs 14 oz at yesterday's growth scan. I have a feeling he's going to be somewhere in the 8 pound range...

Speaking of the growth scan, baby looks good and his fluid levels look great as well!

It's hard to believe he weighs more than my Yorkie now! (She's around 5 1/2 lbs)

I lost two pounds this week.

Total Weight gain: 28.5 pounds overall

The pregnancy brain is at an all time HIGH. I locked my keys in my car at church last night. Thank goodness for OnStar - I called and they were able to remotely unlock my car for me!! I was so relived!

Although I'm not technically dilated yet, my MD said she did feel a change and would almost call it "something". Since yesterday's check, I've been having a lot of cramping, so I guess we'll see what this point, I'm just taking it day by day!

No swelling or stretch marks as of yet!

I still haven't reached the point of..."omg I'm so uncomfortable just get this baby out of me"...which I'm SUPER thankful for as I know many people have such a rough time of it at the end. Everyone keeps asking when my last day of work will be and my response is always "my due date" (unless he decides to arrive sooner) which I feel incredibly grateful for. Of course, that comment is usually followed by "well, at least you work in a hospital" and my response is always...umm...NO! They don't deliver babies at my hospital and haven't for at least 16 years soooo no thank you! HA!

Last week, I forgot to mention my stupid hysterical episode. I've only had maybe two or three of these my entire pregnancy...where you start crying and can't figure out why you are crying and then you can't stop and you cry for like an hour? Yeah. One of the other times it happened was in Disney World...sad times. Anyway, last week's episode revolved around my not feeling good that day (my brain ran wild on me and I swore I had a blood clot in my lung...right? Stupid. I actually pulled something in my back and it went away after a few days). Anyway, we also had no food in the house and Jason had to work nights that night. I had no clue what to eat for dinner and that caused all of the hysterics. I went straight to my bedroom and cried for at least an hour. I don't even think Jason knew I was upset (if he's reading this now..well, be glad you dodged that one. Hah)!

I seriously felt like this toddler...

About the food situation? I definitely figured out what to eat for dinner...and we had it at home. I'm very grateful situations like this only happened a few times. It's the oddest feeling not having control over your own emotions. ODDEST. FEELING.

Still with the Cadbury Eggs and anything chocolate. Oh yes, and cold things...smoothies, milk shakes, etc.

Also, if you're familiar with my town, there's an amazing hamburger place here called Cotten's and I've been dying for a Cotten's burger. I definitely need one this weekend.

Nothing new other than fish!

Sleep is good! Still waking up occasionally to use the restroom in the middle of the night but I'm always able to fall back asleep without any problems!

Jason and I finished our Target registry completion on Sunday! I've also purchased a few things online here and there. Remember...I've been "bored". I told Jason to remind me in 3 weeks how bored I said I was yesterday afternoon then I second guessed myself..."no wait, don't remind me...I might want to punch you!"

What I Miss:
Running...y'all, it's bad. I even have dreams about running.

What I'm looking forward to:
Easter weekend as we have a long weekend off work - 1/2 day today followed by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! Yay! Also spending time with family this weekend! :)

At yesterday's MD appt, we tentatively made "plans". She's really not a fan of letting people go "over" their due date but I've been in such great shape this whole time, so she's willing to let me. If baby hasn't arrived by his due date of April Fools Day, I will be induced for his arrival on April 4, 2016. I'm ok with all of it as I do trust my Doctor. I would rather NOT have to be induced, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Like we both agreed, what's the ultimate outcome? A healthy baby and a healthy whatever we have to do to obtain that is what we will do!

Thanks for following along! I seriously wonder each time I write one of these when it will be my last. I guess we'll see if I have an update for next week!

So, let's take a poll - any guesses on Baby Seal's birth date?


  1. SO crazy! I had EK at 39 weeks 1 day! Being induced really is NBD. The contractions came on hard and fast bc of the pitocin, but other than that it was very uneventful.
    You won't want to kick yourself for feeling bored until he's about 5-6 weeks old and he starts really waking up. They sleep so much at first, I remember thinking "why did everyone complain so much, this isn't bad at all"....then I ended up with a colic-y baby around 5 weeks old. oy.

    1. I hear you about being induced, I would just rather it all happen on its own. Ah is what it is! Ouch to the colic! I hear that's rough!!

  2. Everytime I log on I expect to see a no post or that you've had him!

  3. I'm glad you are still feeling comfortable. I've enjoyed reading your updates!

    1. Thank you!! :) Thanks so much for following along with my journey!

  4. YAY Karen! Girl, you are all belly now! :) You look awesome! What a weird thought that the baby is bigger than Pixie. I'm so excited for you! I will be thinking about you a lot over the next few weeks. <3 -C

    1. It's SO crazy to think he's bigger than Pixie, especially since he started out as like just a tiny thing 9 1/2 months ago! Thanks, Christine for following along this whole time!! :)

  5. So exciting! I can't believe you're almost at your due date.

  6. So exciting! I'm saying you will deliver on your due date. April 1! Hope you continue to feel well! So exciting! Your little man is going to be here soon!

    1. Sounds good to me! Guess we will see what happens! :)

  7. I want him to be born on April Fools soooo bad! That is right up Jason's ally.

  8. Girl! You are soooo close!!!! So exciting!!!!


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