Friday, March 11, 2016

Baby Seal's Nursery Reveal

After lots of debating, planning and creating, Baby Seal's nursery finally came together! Many YouTube videos were watched and lots of blogs were read in the planning process of this nursery. What did we do before Pinterest, by the way?

When I began formulating ideas for his nursery, I knew I wanted to somehow combine Baseball and Mickey/Disney. The baseball idea came from our trip this past summer to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction - I found out about my pregnancy the day after we got home, so that held a sentimental reason. Also, if you know me, you know I'm a huge Disney fan, so the combination of the two seemed logical. However, after spending HOURS scouring the internet, I could not find a single item where Mickey and Baseball were combined. I debated on other themes but decided to stick with the original idea. Therefore, I had to make up my own...

I am so excited to share it all with you today!

Nursery Theme: Disney Baseball
Colors: Navy, Lime Green, and Sky Blue

Outside Baby Seal's room is his hospital we just need him to make his arrival! :)

Lucky for us, the walls of this room were already painted blue!

Here's a little room overview...the bed/glider on one wall and the dresser on another. Yes, before you ask...the TV is my husband's contribution to the room... We recently upgraded the TV in our bedroom, so naturally (of course), the old TV landed in Brayden's room. :)


Brayden's bed and dresser are from a local boutique and manufactured by Baby's Dream.

His bedding came from Carousel Designs - I fell in love with it the moment I saw it online! I decided not to order a crib bumper but instead, a crib rail cover. Also, the stuffed animals/boppy will be removed before he sleeps in the crib. :)

One of my favorite additions to the dresser are these little baseball drawer pulls. I found them at Hobby Lobby and lucky for me - they were half off that week!

I used the Silhouette Studio program to create the baseball Donald, Mickey, and Goofy designs above the crib and I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out the designs.

These three guys were cut out of colored card stock and laid over 12x12 baseball themed scrapbook paper. (Also another Hobby Lobby find.)

The nightstand/bookshelf was a piece of furniture we had on hand and was hand made by Jason's dad many years ago. I love having it as a part of our son's room!

The lamp is also another piece I had on hand, but the baseball lampshade came from Pottery Barn Kids online. 

Brayden's book collection grew significantly after his shower! I can't wait to read these to him!! 

Next to his bookshelf is a little toy basket - this basket was also a gift from the shower.

After lots of debate, I finally decided on solid navy blue curtains for his room. I found these on sale at JCPenney and I love the way they compliment the rest of the colors in his room! 

These two baseball signs were also Hobby Lobby finds. I do love that store oh so much... :)

The glider was another item I spent a LOT of time and debate on - I finally decided to order it through Bed Bath & Beyond online with using a 20% off coupon! I love a good deal! :)

The two blankets on the back of the glider were gifts to Brayden - the bottom light blue blanket was handmade by a friend's mom and the top blanket was monogrammed by a friend of mine! 

Above the glider, I knew I wanted to add squared edged shelves that matched the room furniture. I found these two rectangular shelves in espresso from Target and they fit perfectly in that space!

A friend of mine randomly found the little baseball Mickey stuffed animal on Amazon and sent the link to me - I knew immediately that I had to order it as it was the first "official" Disney item I found that was baseball and Mickey together! (The tag is still in place on his ear!)

The pictures/frames were also gifts from his shower. Notice the Astros plug in the middle frame...I love it!

Back to the dresser - we decided not to go with a separate changing table because we were attempting to conserve space in the room. Instead, we placed a changing table pad on top of the dresser which can be removed once he's out of diapers. 

Above the dresser, I hung a few additional gift items - the baseball with the "B" was a gift from my running buddy Heather and the pictures inside the two frames were gifts from my sister in law Kayla. I purchased two black frames from....Hobby Lobby (gasp how did you know?)....and painted one navy and one lime green. I know it's hard to tell because the camera distorted the colors....but they do match the room! The paint is actually the same exact paint I used on the letters for his name that's on the shelf above the glider. The frames took a ton of coats to get the color I wanted, then I sealed them with a glossy acrylic spray. I love the way they turned out!

Onto his closet!

Again, I watched a ton of YouTube videos on nursery closet organization and that's where most of these ideas came from. (Ignore the bigger items hanging on the left of the closet - that's my maternity clothing and will be removed from his closet as soon as I'm back in regular clothes!)

His diaper/hospital bag is also packed and ready to go! :)

I purchased this shelf and the chevron bins from Walmart. The lime green bins came from the Dollar Tree. (I was super surprised by that find!) <---that a="" br="" by="" find="" fit="" for="" me="" nbsp="" perfect="" really="" score="" shelves="" shocked="" the="" they="" way...and="" were="">

The baskets on the top shelf came from Target and hold diapers/wipes.

His hamper also came from Target and fits perfectly in the corner of his closet.

After months and months of planning, Baby Seal's nursery finally came together and I'm super happy with the results! Thanks for following along - I hope you enjoyed the reveal!

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. This nursery came out so cute. Everything including your older pieces blend well together and hopefully Brayden will love baseball as much as you and Jason. One of my favorite things is the sign out the seasons, I've seen that before and thought it was so cute.

    1. Thank you so much, Pam!! I hope he loves baseball as much as we do, too...the love of the sport has been passed down for several generations, so we'll see! If not, we will find his niche! Jason's family is super talented in the musical department, so who knows!

  2. Adorable! So practical and functional and has so much personality. You did an amazing job, especially with so much DIY! You definitely have a knack for decorating my friend. :) -C

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! I really appreciate it! :)

  3. The nursery looks great Karen. I love how your vision played out. Can you come be my interior designer?

    1. Thank you so much, Kathryn!! Hah...I don't know so much about interior design but I do appreciate the compliment! :)

  4. Oh Karen you did a fabulous job! Looks like baby Brayden will have everything he needs!

    1. Thank you so much! :) We are so excited for him to arrive!

  5. Lovely, now it's time for the ballgame to start now that the bases are covered and ready! ❤️
    Brayden, you are up to bat!

  6. Everything looks fantastic! Disney and baseball reminds me of their animated short for Casey at the Bat.

  7. Very cute!!!Everything looks adorable!

  8. I love it.. I love it!! I love it!!! That is perfect.. Oh, my sweet eyes. I have tears streaming down my face.. It's beautiful.. Did I mention how excited I am for y'all???

  9. Oh my goodness his nursery is adorable Karen!!!!!

  10. Your little ones room is absolutely adorable. And that is why one carries a baby 9 months...had to take you that long to find the perfect treasures! And glad there is a perfect spot for his blanket. So excited for you. Now just waiting for those little baby pictures to start arriving.


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