Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

How many weeks are you now?
35 Weeks 6 Days
Baby's size?

Canary Melon (what's that??) per the What to Expect app.

Per my doctor's appointment yesterday, I gained FOUR pounds. How does one do that in a week? Well, you either go on a cruise or you get pregnant. The funny thing is, I did NOT eat like I was on a cruise...I actually didn't change anything. Just goes to show how amazing our bodies are during the process of growing a tiny human!

Despite the weight gain, I still don't have any swelling and I my bump is still measuring about a week ahead (like it has been the entire time).

Weight gain total: 28 pounds

Pregnancy. Brain. Oh my gosh. It really makes me so dumb sometimes. I find myself shaking my head at myself...A LOT.

The heartburn is pretty much there no matter what, now. Doesn't matter what I eat, it will probably give me heart burn. I also can't eat near as much as I was before because my stomach is so squished (despite what the scales say, it's true).

At my doctor's appointment yesterday, I had the group B strep test and she also checked to see if anything was happening as far as dilation goes...nothing yet! She told me to keep doing what I'm doing!

Peanut butter and ritz poor child is going to come out looking like a peanut butter cracker!

Fish fish fish.

I had two nights this week where I woke up to potty and couldn't fall back asleep for a little while. Last night was one of those nights and Brayden decided that meant it was time for him to start cutting flips! He settled down fast, though and we all fell back asleep without any problems.

Frames for pictures my sister-in-law is making for the baby's room. I also purchased a few things as decorative items for the baby's room.

What I Miss:
Being able to bend over and pick stuff up off the floor like normal.

What I'm looking forward to:
Putting together and sorting through everything from our surprise church shower last night (see below)...

Best Moment of the Week:
My Mpact group of sponsors and girls threw a surprise baby shower for me last night! (The kid's ages range from 4 years old through high school.) I was so overwhelmed and touched by their generosity...and Brayden is one lucky little kid!! I'll share more pictures of that tomorrow!

That's the end of another week! Happy March!! :)


  1. You're getting so close, Karen. So excited for you! And how sweet that church threw you a surprise shower. I love the cake from the shower.

    1. Thanks so much, Kathryn! The surprise shower was so sweet of them!

  2. I ended up being group B strep positive which freaked me out a bit but ended up just giving me an IV when I was being induced. You are getting close!

  3. Almost there! Sorry to hear about the heartburn- it goes away instantly after baby is born. :) Sounds like you had a great shower! :)

    1. Isn't that something? Although the heartburn is bothersome, it's not awful, thankfully!

  4. You're almost there! You look great. How awesome of your Mpact to throw you a shower. That is super sweet.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! So excited to know I'll be holding my little boy in less than a month!

  5. You are doing GREAT!!! 4lbs. in a week at this stage, pretty sure Brayden's bulking up to impress Mom & Dad when he makes his arrival into this side of the world. 28lbs.TOTAL!!! Girl...I AM IMPRESSED!!! As far as baby boy looking like a peanut butter cracker. ..NO WORRIES...Hilary would have been born looking like the Laredo dinner at Casa Manana!!! Trust me, you'll make up for the bending over and picking up stuff & contrary to what you hear, you'll enjoy every second of it, right up til he gets big enough to help. So excited about all your AWESOME SURPRISE SHOWERS!!! Little Man is definitely coming into a HUGE group of loving family & friends,that includes us!!! Keep up the great work and remember we are praying for y'all and sending LOTS of love & hugs y'all's way!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Mrs. Vicki!! We so appreciate all of the hugs and prayers! Love you guys!! <3


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