Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend Review Take 2

This past weekend was another fun one! I just love weekends here lately and am enjoying the extra time I have to spend with my husband and family!

On Friday after work, I met up with my mom and dad for lunch at Jason's Deli. I also took a nap that afternoon! :) Such exciting times here!

I wasn't able to sleep well on Saturday night, which means I also woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep. Don't you hate it when that happens? Oh well...I made French toast for breakfast for Jason and I, then spent the rest of the morning/afternoon with my mom looking at baby stuff for her house. We scored a new mattress for the baby bed and a second hand bumbo for a great deal!

Saturday night, Jason and I spent the evening celebrating a friend's upcoming marriage. She is getting married in Mexico in May and instead of a Bridal Shower, they had a pre-wedding reception prior to the wedding. It was fun and we had a good time visiting with co-workers and friends!

I was tired of standing to do my hair and makeup, so I rolled the exercise ball into the bathroom! Hey...it served its purpose!

The reception was decorated as a beach theme and was all very pretty!

The bride to be and I! :)

On Sunday, my dad and Jason wore the same Mickey/Disney tie to church (NOT on purpose) but it was so cute, I had to take a picture...awww...

After lunch on Sunday, Jason and I spent a good bit of time in Target using our registry completion discount. We scored a lot of items plus the car seat base for Jason's truck and still have gift cards left over!

Oh yes, and we picked a good week do the registry completion because Target is running a deal right now - if you spent $150 in baby items, you receive a $25 gift card! Score!

Yesterday, I brought Madalynn to the vet for another eyelid growth that popped up about a week ago. This one actually ulcerated, so I decided to bring her in now rather than later.

All of the other eyelid tumors she's had removed (so far a total of 3) have been benign, so I'm crossing my fingers this one is as well. However, she's already had one removed from this exact location in the past, so my vet was a little concerned. We'll see what the results show!

Poor baby was so exhausted after leaving the vet, I brought her by Pets Mart to pick out a toy. She LOVES this little pink Peep and actually fell asleep with it IN her mouth!!

See what I mean? Y'all, she was FAST asleep and that bunny was in her  mouth. When she rolled over, it stayed put...in her mouth! Anesthesia is no joke!

This week, we have a short work week (YAY) followed by Easter Sunday. I love Easter...spring is in the air and so are the promises of a fresh start! The colors of the season, the message behind it all...I just love it! Oh yes, and who can forget cadbury chocolate. YUM!

That's all for my weekend! Happy Tuesday, y'all!

How was your weekend? Did you run in any races?


  1. Poor puppy. too funny about the toy! No races last weekend but the CCC is this weekend! Can't wait!

  2. Aww I hope your sweet pup is OK. Both our dogs had those eye tumors removed. I hate putting dogs under. It even more scary as they get older.

  3. I hope Madalynn is okay. It's always so hard when pets have surgery. The little pink Peep is really cute and that probably made her feel a little better! Only a couple weeks until your big day, so excited for you.

  4. Aww I hope Madalynn is recovering well. New toys on their own exhaust my dog, so I can imagine the combo of anesthesia plus a toy and how that affected her. We also took advantage of the Target deal this week since we were in need of more diapers. It felt great to walk out of Target with as many gift cards as I did, and on top of the gift cards I had coupons for the diapers. Score!


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