Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks


Yep, I'm still here, hanging out...but I won't be much longer! :)

How many weeks are you now?
39 Weeks, 6 Days - I'll hit 40 weeks TOMORROW...FORTY!!! Who knew I would make it this far, especially with all of the craziness that went on around week 26?!

Since this is the last update, let's compare a few pictures, shall we?

Baby's size?
Watermelon (That could be any range, shape, or size...oh Lordy!) per the What to Expect app

I gained a pound back...

Total Weight gain: 29.5 pounds overall

Over the past few days, I've had more and more cramping and the pressure in my pelvis has increased (sorry if that's TMI). I'm pretty sure he's dropped  because of the added pressure and I'm making more frequent bathroom trips (although everyone at church on Sunday kept saying he was still too high...if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that, I would be rich).

EXTREME fatigue has returned this week - it's like the same fatigue I experienced in the first trimester.

I am happy to report that I was dilated to a 1 cm at yesterday's appt. I also had a contraction in her office that she observed. She also said that I'm thinning out a little which is great!  She doesn't hold out any hope that I'll go into labor on my own, so we'll see what happens. Either way, I just want the outcome to be a healthy baby and a healthy me!

I still don't have any swelling and my blood pressure has remained excellent - yay!

I'm also continuing to work at this time and plan to do so until my due date (tomorrow) or if labor begins sooner... :)

Snoball...and I had one on Monday night! Yum!

Strong smelling foods....that mainly includes fish. :)

I'm still sleeping well at night for the most part although rolling out of bed to use the restroom is rather comical!

Amazon registry completion. I also helped my mom with the purchase of a new mattress and sheets for the baby bed at her house! I've been enjoying the local baby thrift store, too...which is always a ton of fun! :)

What I Miss:
Bending over like normal. Also wearing normal workout clothing. You don't realize how much you miss something until you've been without it for so long! It's fun being pregnant, don't get me wrong...I am just excited to be at this stage and knowing I will have my body back soon makes me happy! :)

What I'm looking forward to:
Meeting my sweet baby boy!!

My husband's family also started a pool where they are guessing Brayden's weight and birth date, so I'm excited to see who wins the game! :)

At this week's Doctor appointment, we moved a few things around because my OB will be out of town on the original induction date. Instead, I'll go in on Monday night (I'll be 40 weeks and 3 days) for cervidil, then begin induction on Tuesday morning (that's if he hasn't arrived on his own yet, but I'm still crossing my fingers I'll go into labor on my own)! It's crazy to think he will be here in less than a week, regardless!

What I'm going to miss:
Feeling him move inside of me...seriously one of the most incredible feelings in the world!  

Best moment of the week:
Hanging out with most of my girlfriends one final time before becoming a mom. I had dinner with my running buddy a few weeks ago, went to the movies on Friday night with a friend, and had pizza and snoballs with friends on Monday night. It also helped the time pass because lately, time has been draaaaaagging on by...

My exercise ball has become my best friend and I've also resumed squats/lunges. I plan to resume walking again this afternoon (if the weather cooperates)! I also purchased a box of red raspberry leaf tea and I've been drinking it on the regular. This tea is supposed to help with the labor process so we will see how that goes! :)

I want to thank each and every one of you for your words of support and encouragement throughout this entire process from our pregnancy announcement, infertility journey, running journey, and each weekly update! You'll never know how much it means to me!! :) I can't wait to introduce our sweet boy to all of you!

This could possibly be my last blog update for a little while. In the meantime, you can follow me through various social media outlets if you're interested in announcements/updates:
Until next time, see ya real soon! :)


  1. I know you can't wait for the big day and hopefully everything goes very smoothly for you and baby.

  2. Is it ok to give the dreaded runner's "you're almost there!"? It's so exciting, and hopefully he'll come on his own. My friends who were induced had (and have) stubborn babies.

    1. HAHA! I honestly feel like I'm at the start line of a marathon and I'm just waiting for the gun to go off!! Oh lordy that's what I need...a stubborn baby!! HAH!

  3. Crossing my fingers you go into labor soon! I hope things go smoothly and quickly!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim! I really do appreciate it!! :) Thanks also for your advice!

  4. You look amazing!! Can't believe you're so excited for you! :-D Wishing you a smooth delivery, and looking forward to seeing pictures of the little guy!

  5. Yay! So so close! I cannot believe it! I know it went slow for you but it seems like it flew for me! Can't wait to see his face soon!

    1. Only the last two or three weeks have dragged on by, the rest has gone pretty fast! Thanks girl...I can't wait too!

  6. I know this must be so exciting for you! I'll keep you in my prayers!

    1. Thank you, Traci! I appreciate it so much! :)

  7. SO excited for you girl!!!!! I'm praying for you and that sweet baby boy! Hope the delivery goes smoothly for you!

    1. Thank you so much, Mindy! I appreciate the prayers! :)

  8. Tauntie can't wait to meet Brayden!!!!!!! πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸ’™

  9. I've have enjoyed reading every one of your update! I keep thinking that you are going to tell us when you are going in labor (as if you, or as if you would even have time to blog about I wish you well friend and can't wait to see your little miracle! May God bless you and your families!

    1. Thank you SO much, I really appreciate it! :)

  10. So excited for you! And just think - at this time next week you'll be holding your sweet baby boy in your arms!

  11. Keep up your good spirit dear!


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