Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Disney at Christmas Day 4: Epcot

Continuing with our December Disney trip is our first "extra" day spent at Epcot! We originally booked this trip as a "long weekend" but decided to add 2 extra days to the end and defer our Princess trip due to being in the third trimester of my pregnancy.

Here's previous day recaps if you're interested!
 Our day began at Epcot where we wandered through Future World and on to World Showcase. I was interested in seeing as much Epcot Christmas as possible!

An acapella group in front of the World Showcase fountain - they were great!

As we walked past Canada, we saw Goofy and a Cast Member acting...well, Goofy. It caught our attention because the CM kept asking Goofy about all of his friends. He then began knocking on the gate between Canada and and the UK. The gate began to open and Mickey appeared...along with Donald, Chip & Dale, and several other characters.

They all lined the alley way behind the gate for pictures. We started to walk away, but then realized that Donald (Jason's favorite) was back there AND he was in his "classic" outfit. Ok ok...we gave in.

...and we pretty much turned into 10 year olds. :D

Because all of these characters were hidden back in the alley way, the lines were crazy short.

We managed all of this in the span of 10 minutes!

Other characters were around, but we decided to continue on our way. After thinking about it, we realized that this was probably a training session because all of the CM's had those little "earning my ears" tags behind their badges. These characters were super interactive, too. It was a fun little experience!

Our next stop was for the Voices of Liberty. I love hearing these guys sing!

We also took a little time to explore the inside of the American Pavilion before continuing on our way.

At Germany, I had to stop and take my traditional picture in front of the water fountain! 

We also enjoyed a snack of caramel popcorn! YUM!

We were able to ride a few things throughout the day like Soarin, Spaceship Earth, and the boat ride through Mexico. I offered for Jason to go on Test Track or Mission Space but he didn't want to go alone.

I also took my weekly pregnancy picture in Epcot! :)

Around mid-afternoon, we decided to go back to our room and take a nap before dinner (usually unheard of for us)!

I LOVE the new bus monitor system! We found it to be pretty accurate, too!

Dinner for the evening was back in Epcot at the Garden Grill!

We LOVE the food here!

The characters are fun, too! Apart from Pluto there's Mickey, and Chip and Dale.

There was also a fish plate (tilapia) but I asked them to take it away because the smell was making me sick (pregnancy aversion).

We ended the evening by visiting the Seas and watching Illuminations!

I was thrilled when Illuminations ended with the Holiday version! So pretty! 

...and that's our day! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere of Epcot at Christmas! :)

Thanks for following along!


  1. Love all the Christmas stuff at EPCOT! Looks like a fun day

  2. Great timing on finding all of the classic characters in Canada! You guys got a bunch of great pictures back there!

  3. What a fun day at Epcot! I would love to see characters out in their holiday outfits but I guess you only see that if you got to MVMCP, no?
    Garden Grill has been on my radar for a while now but I've never gone. Epcot meals always seem to be quick service because we generally don't want to take the time out of our day for a longer I think next time we might stop though!


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