Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Weekend 2016

This past weekend went by so fast, I can't believe it's already Tuesday!

It all began with a maternity massage as soon as I got off work on Friday.

The massage was amazing and reminded me that I definitely need to get a massage more often than once a year or so. The maternity massage was a gift to me from a family member for my birthday last year and I wanted to wait until I was later in my pregnancy to use it so I would really appreciate it more! I'm so glad I did!

On Saturday morning, my dad came over to help Jason with the nursery furniture. 

I love the way the whole room is coming together!

My dogs are CHICKENS! They were so scared of all of the moving pieces and parts, they didn't leave my lap while the whole process was taking place!

On Saturday afternoon, we took our maternity pictures and brought our little girls along with us for a few shots! They dressed the part, of course! 

Madalynn did SO well for the pictures...Pixie, not so much. I'm curious to see what kind of shots she was able to get! 

Our pictures took place out in the middle of nowhere...seriously. You know when you hit the gravel road and keep driving a couple of miles? Yeah, that's where we were! However, we found a few really pretty spots for pictures so I can't wait to see how they turn out!

The girl who took our pictures is someone very special to me....I had her in Wednesday night classes at church for about 8 years of her life. She married my husband's brother-in-law's brother...follow that?...so she's sort of family! Fun times!

We began our Valentine's Day Sunday at church. Special shirts were made for the coffee shop workers and they were adorable! I did help out in the coffee shop (as best I could) and we had a great time!

 My shirt was just a tad different from the others! :)

A few minutes into the service, I left the coffee shop to get something out of the hallway when I overheard someone say there was going to be a proposal on stage! Oh my gosh...what?! We definitely stopped the clean-up process and made a way to see it all take place!

This hasn't happened (at church) in...oh...YEARS...and it was such a wonderful moment! I might have cried.... (pregnancy hormones are a wonderful thing)!

On Sunday night, Jason and I went out for dinner on our last Valentine's Day as a family of two!

First, we exchanged gifts! We both agreed on small items this year, so nothing terribly fancy. I got him an LSU wallet that was on his amazon wish list along with Reese's hearts (his favorite).

He gave me the Sherman Brothers documentary and chocolate (some of it is Cadbury...my FAVORITE)!!

He also said something else is coming in the mail but it hasn't arrived yet.

For dinner, we used the online system with Outback where you select a time and show up a few minutes ahead. It worked out SO well....we arrived about 10 minutes before our time and were seated not long after that!

Our dinner package included cheesecake which we split. It was so good! We also had chocolate covered strawberries back at home (a Valentine's tradition since we started dating) where we ended our evening while watching The Walking Dead. Romantic, I know! :)

It was such a great weekend, it just went by all too fast for me!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day?


  1. The Walking Dead was crazy! I almost had a heart attack.

  2. You two look lovely in you Valentine's day picture! Love your top. Glad you had a fun filled weekend. Can't wait to see the nursery when it is all put together!

  3. Well, these are some most romantic and lovely pictures I have ever seen over web. These are full of love, innocence, compatibility and more. I loved it very much.

  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Valentine's day show your love and feelings.


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