Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Early Birthday with Friends

This past weekend, my friends threw me an early birthday party! My birthday is technically this weekend, but this past Saturday worked best for everyone to be together!

Originally, we were going to eat dinner at O'Charleys, but the line was 8 thousand hours long. My mom and dad were keeping my baby, so I needed to get back in a reasonable time. Waiting forever to be seated then waiting on food? Nope...NEXT! 

Instead, we ended up at Rotolos. My birthday dinner with this group of friends was at Rotolos last year as well and it's also where I told them I was pregnant. There were no surprises on this birthday, but we still sat at the same table for old times sake! Hah!

I somehow managed to put on  makeup, too!

They were out of my favorite wrap, so our waitress suggested I try it in pizza form. It was good, but I definitely miss my wrap!

What's a birthday without cake?!

My friends know me all too well! I loved everything!! :)

After dinner, we picked Brayden up from my mom's, then returned to my house to put him to bed and play a few games.

The Game of Things is HILARIOUS! One of my favorite group games to play with friends! Basically, you're given a topic and everyone has to write a random response on a slip of paper. The slips are given to the "reader" and the person to the reader's left has to try and guess which answer belongs to which person. SO FUNNY!

My dogs aren't spoiled or anything...

Group selfie!

We had SO much fun! I always enjoy hanging out with my friends and spending time with them!! :)

As an added bonus, we went to lunch with some out of town friends on Saturday morning. They made Brayden this adorable Mickey quilt and wanted to deliver it to him in person. I know he's going to cherish it for many years to come!

Overall, it was a great day!! :)


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