Monday, August 22, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Olympic Moments

With the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics last night, so many memorable and exciting moments from these Olympic games ran through my mind. There were records set, lots of medals received, stories of overcoming great obstacles, and inspiration just to name a few.

I love love love the Summer Olympics and our TV at home has been on the local news channel the past two weeks straight! Brayden also enjoyed "watching" some of it - the swimming competition mostly! :)

There were so many moments I enjoyed, but I've compiled a list of just a few favorites below..

Number 1:

Women's 100 Meter Hurdlers - Team USA going gold, silver, and bronze...the first in that event in Olympic history! Such an exciting moment!

Number 2:

Katie Ledecky - this lady is an amazing athlete! I was wowed every time I watched her swim, especially when she set the World Record in the Women's 800 m Freestyle!

Number 3

Back to track and field, my heart went out to the ladies of Team USA in the 4x100 Meter Relay when the baton was lost in transition. I was happy that Allyson Felix used her logic in that moment to make her teammates finish the race so they would have a chance to appeal. They won the appeal and also the Gold in the final race!

Number 4:

Mo Farah! Only this guy could fall during a race, get back up, then win gold in the 5000 m! Insane and absolutely incredible!

Number 5:

My FAVORITE event in the Summer Olympics is Women's Gymnastics. I never was a gymnast, but I am amazed by the talent these ladies posses! From the individual events to the All Around and Team Finals, I loved watching our Team USA "Final Five" win so many medals, especially the one for women's gymnastics Team Gold!

Runner Up:

The Olympics always brings around lots of emotion and I love when athletes show it! This moment after the men's 4x 100 freestyle relay had me crying right along with Ryan Held! These athletes worked HARD for their gold medal moments...I can only imagine the emotions they feel!

So many additional moments stood out to me during these events like the women's 5000 m collide between D'Agostino and Hamblin - their act of unity was amazing to see. Also, Michael Phelps achieving his final Olympic gold medal, Rupp pushing through to win the bronze medal in the men's marathon (and only his 2nd marathon EVER at that!), and watching Jorgensen as she crossed the finish line for gold in the women's Triathlon after determining to come back stronger from the London 2012 Olympics. 

Overall, the Olympics held so many incredible moments and I have only barely touched the surface of my favorites! 

What were some of your favorite moments from Rio?


  1. We had some good results yesterday in the marathon. I felt so bad for Meb since he was sick in the second half of the course, but he still finished, and Jared Ward got 6th. I'd say we had really good marathons for both the men and women.

  2. I was obsessed with Ledecky! She's amazing! And I was also obsessed with the gymnastics team. Watching the olympics made me want to start swimming again!

  3. Watching Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross win Bronze against Brazil after a gut wrenching loss in the semis. They were so poised and handled themselves so well and I was super proud of them!

  4. I especially love swimming and running. I don't almost miss any matches. ^^


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