Friday, August 12, 2016

Fitness Friday - 8/12

Currently Training For:
  • Cajun Cup 10K (Lafayette, LA)
  • Cajun Country Half Marathon (Lafayette, LA)
  • Disney's Princess Half Marathon & Glass Slipper Challenge
  • Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon
Saturday - Rest day due to long day/night setting up and helping with the Gleaux Run 5K event
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - 2 mile run
Tuesday - 3 mile run
Wednesday - Rest Day  
Thursday - 1 mile walk with Brayden
Friday - Cross train

This week was much better than last in the fitness realm! Thankfully, my husband's schedule and mine coordinated, so I was able to run a few mornings before work! 

On Friday night, I helped plan and coordinate the Gleaux Run 5K with our local American Cancer Society. It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted after it was all said and done!

I decided that instead of running on Saturday morning, I would get some much needed rest instead and it was awesome!

 On Monday morning, I woke up early before work and ran 2 miles. I was going to attempt 3, but the local neighborhood developer had a ton of burn piles going on and the air was full of smoke. Gross. Combined with the humidity, it was impossible to breathe!

Ah well - I decided to call it a day and try again on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning's run was much better although the smoke was still pretty strong in the air. Thankfully, it wasn't near as rough of a run!

One of my favorite parts of early mornings is the sunrise!

Three miles done!

On Thursday night, I went for a mile walk with Brayden.

It was still sweltering at 8 p.m. I need fall to arrive like yesterday...this is getting ridiculous.

He didn't seem to mind! :)

This week, I plan on returning to my normal Saturday morning run! Speaking of the weekend, is anyone else excited to watch the Olympic women's' marathon on Sunday? I can't wait!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. There is nothing I hate more than when it is a beautiful day to be outside and people are burning stuff! Ugg it's my pet peeve and wish I could go to my county government and get an ordinance against it. Can you tell it bothers me????

  2. Brayden is such a happy little baby. He didn't seem to mind the heat and humidity at all!

  3. I'm just excited that track and field started today. Amazing 10k. We're supposed to get storms this weekend, so maybe I can get on the treadmill while watching the women's marathon.


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