Thursday, October 13, 2016

6 Months, Pixie, and Walking Spree!

Another week has (almost) come and gone...yay Friday!! I know I've been absent a bit this week, but it's been a busy week with little time for the computer. Here's a thoughts for this Thursday!

#1 Brayden had his six month pictures on Friday. They were taken by the same photographer who did his newborns and she wanted to do a few "look back" pictures. Brayden was a little turkey during the shoot - he would smile for a few minutes, then I guess all the attention was too the pouty lip would come out and he would start to cry. After a little consoling, we would move on to the next thing and get a few more pictures of him smiling...then the pouty lip would come out. It really was kind of funny and I'm glad he at least cooperated and smiled a little bit! I think he was overwhelmed by both of us trying to get his attention and get him to smile. She also has a Nikon and he lovvvves the sound of the shutter on mine...but he wasn't having it with hers. Silly kid. 

I just saw this preview this's the "look back" of his Mickey and Friends set! 

It's AMAZING to see how much he's grown and changed in just 6 short months. And see...he's smiling! YAY!

Where his newborn shoot lasted a good three hours and he slept the entire time, this shoot lasted maybe 45 minutes (if that) which included a few pouty lips and some consoling! Haha! I'm interested to see what comes of the 1 year session and cake smash!

#2 Remember how I asked for prayers for Pixie last week? Well, she had her teeth cleaned on Thursday of last week which included an X-ray due to her coughing fits. My fears were confirmed - she does have a collapsing trachea. Apparently it's super common in Yorkies and it's a genetic disposition. The vet wanted to see if we could control it the least invasive way after the taper off her other meds (with benadryl), but the benadryl is not doing the job. I'm going to have to bring her back in today to see their thoughts. I honestly don't know much about this except the little bit I was told and some I've read off the internet. Has anyone ever had a dog with a collapsing trachea and how was it managed?

#3 The company I work for is doing a big push to encourage healthy behaviors. One of the newest is the introduction of Walking Spree. Basically, you connect the Walking Spree app to your fitbit (or other fitness devices) and it also keeps track of your daily steps. The challenge begins on October 17th and runs through November 17th. If you average a daily step count of either 6,000 or 8,000 steps, you get a certain amount of points added to your "bank". This bank is like a rewards program where you can pick and choose items/gift cards/watches/purses/tickets/etc depending on your point value. I have enough for an apple watch, but I'm waiting to see if they add the 2nd generation watch and how many points that one will be! YAY for easy points!! :)

Any ideas on Pixie? What's your favorite way to track your steps? 


  1. I love those Mickey and Friends pictures! Do you think you will be able to convince him to take one on his 18th birthday?

    One of the reasons I chose my current Garmin (vivoactive) and my previous Garmin (Forerunner 15) was the ability to track steps. I like having the data all in once place. My work is casual enough that the Garmin doesn't look out of place.

    I will keep thinking of poor Pixie!

  2. Those pictures are both precious!!!! Glad he smiled for some for you! I'll be praying for Pixie! Never heard of that. And yay for the workplace wanting people to be active! I love that!


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