Thursday, October 6, 2016

8 Mile Run and Zombies!

Now that Fall training season has ramped up in mileage, I've been enjoying some of my favorite running routes around town. On Saturday, our route took us by the river where we were granted the view of a gorgeous sunrise!

This route is one of my favorites, although we have to keep on alert while running! A few months ago, a rather large gator was spotted sunbathing in the front yard of one of the homes off this road. My running buddy Heather and I have also spotted snakes along this route - once it was a ground rattler in the road and the other was a den of baby water moccasins just off the bank. Talk about freak out - I hadn't run that fast in a long time!

No crazy wildlife was spotted during this run, thankfully!

Saturday's weather was great for running - the temps were cooler and although the humidity was still there, it wasn't as oppressive as it had been over the past several weeks. 

I also had to laugh at one of the homes we passed on the way. This home always has really cool decorations for the holidays. Last fall, their yard was full of ravens and the ravens were literally everywhere. This time, they used a bit of creativity and placed zombie babies ALL over their yard. I won't lie, I was kind of freaked out! 

It literally felt like an episode of The Walking Dead!

Creepy? Yes, yes it was.

We ended the run with a smile on our faces and are looking forward to another one on Saturday.  Although I do enjoy running and training for full marathons, I believe the half marathon distance is my favorite overall! :)

What's the craziest yard decoration you've seen while out for a run?


  1. Oh ack! Snakes, and water moccasins at that. AAHH!
    I can't wait to get out and run the neighborhoods. I love to see what people do for Halloween, and it's a good distraction.

  2. Those zombies are creepy. I think maybe more creepy than alligators & snakes!

  3. Now I have to ask, have you ever seen a Gator on your run?

    A house on my route puts aa Beetlejuice looking guy out every year. They seem to put it out and take it back in every few days. I don't know if they due this due to the weather or not. It's very odd.

    1. I sure have..several times in fact - not in the road but in the water. Their eyeballs peeping above the water is rather ominous! Hah! That Beetlejuice thing is very odd!


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