Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Recapping the Weekend

Greetings and happy October! This past weekend was our first break from summer heat/humidity and we definitely made the most of it!

On Friday at work, we were allowed to wear our favorite team shirt with our scrub pants. Although the Astros were no longer in the running for the play-offs, it was still a fun season and both Brayden and I had to represent!

When I arrived home from work, Brayden had a little mail waiting for him!

Several months back, I mailed out Brayden's birth announcements to our family and friends. Since I had a few extra announcements, I found a few fun addresses on Pinterest and decided to send them there - one being Mickey Mouse and the other the White House. I do have to say, Mickey Mouse's post card was WAY different from the awesome little package we received when sent him our wedding invitation years ago. I was slightly disappointed. Oh well...the cards from both the White House and Mickey Mouse are fun little additions to his baby book!

My first and main project for the weekend was to clean up our flower beds. I usually do this over Labor Day Weekend, but we were out of town this year and it didn't happen. The last time I weeded and cut things back was in April, just a few weeks after Brayden was born. 

The above photo is before....

...and these two are after....

I finished the backyard on Friday during Brayden's afternoon nap, and left the front flower beds for Saturday in hopes he would take a good morning nap!

On Saturday morning, I met up with my running buddy Heather for an 8 mile run around the river. We haven't run this route in a while and since our last run here, an alligator was spotted in someone's front yard. Needless to say, we were on alert!! Thankfully, no mishaps in the form of wildlife sightings took place this weekend!

Remember that Saturday morning nap of Brayden's I mentioned earlier? Well, it needed to be long enough to take care of all of THIS! Yikes.

...its a jungle out there, y'all!

Much to my great surprise, he took a THREE HOUR NAP! Just long enough for me to completely weed, cut back the overgrown plants, and shower all before he woke up!

All done! I was SO excited because I just knew this project would take me into Sunday. I was so happy that it did NOT! Yay!

For dinner Saturday night, we spent time at Jason's parent's house to celebrate Jason's sister's birthday....and Brayden played a little piano with his grandmother and great grandmother. This kid loves music!

Speaking of music, he had the chance to hear his daddy play trumpet on Sunday morning during our church service! Jason recently re-joined the orchestra after being out to help me with Brayden on Sunday mornings and this was Brayden's first time to hear his daddy play. He was SO mesmerized! (Isn't that bow tie adorable, by the way?!)

We watched the Saints game on Sunday after lunch. Even Brayden showed his support by wearing his new Drew Brees jersey!

During the game, we had dinner at Walk-Ons in celebration of my dad's birthday! This weekend was just full of birthday celebrations!

His cake was a Reeses Peanut Butter cake from Dairy Queen. Y'all...it was SO GOOD!

I might have helped my mom wrap his gift. :D

My brother and sister-in-law were in to celebrate, too!

Oh yes, one last weekend project had to do with our bedding. I recently ordered a new bed spread from Target and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived!



I am in love!! It's so comfortable and soft - absolutely perfect and just what we needed!

I hope you all had a great Monday and a good start to your week! :) Have a wonderful day!


  1. Have you started Brayden with Disney songs? If he loves music, that's a great way to introduce Disney.

  2. That cake!!! Yum! I love Brayden's little bow tie. So cute!


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