Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Five

I am so excited that it's Friday once again! This week was full of fun activities and this weekend will be as well!

#1 Long Run

Last weekend, I set out to run a long run with my running buddy Heather. We had 12 miles on the schedule and somewhere around mile 5, my knee decided to let me know it wasn't very happy with me. To be honest, I haven't been doing my squats and lunges and PT routine like I should and my knee just isn't having it anymore. Needless to say, our 12 mile run was cut short at 8 miles. I was ok with the decision (and thankfully so was Heather) because our main focus is a 10K next weekend and we both want to have a good time for the race. After weighted squats and lunges and foam rolling all week, I hope the knee is back to being ok - we shall see on Saturday!

Along with my knee, I also took a little break from running this week. I ate something on Monday night that left my stomach very unhappy with me. Needless to say, it all decided to revisit me the following morning and I've felt off all week. Here's hoping that gets better soon, too! 

By the way, Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day with amazing weather! I want it to come back!

#2 Grand Opening

This weekend, we also had the privilege of attending the Grand Opening for our church's Mother's Day Out program. Back in December of last year, our church experienced a massive flood (internally) which did a LOT of damage. It also wiped out our entire nursery/Mother's Day Out area. After a lot of time, restoration, and planning, the insides of the Mother's Day Out program is finally back to normal!

They held an official ribbon cutting and celebration this weekend. My dad even had the honor of cutting the ribbon!

One side is themed as "Under the Sea" and the other is nature and local scenes!

I LOVE it! They did an amazing job!

#3 Homecoming Parade

Last night, we attended the homecoming parade for our local college. All of my family including my husband are alumni and it's fun to go back and support them during homecoming!

Aren't Brayden's baby leggings just the cutest?! I loved his little outfit for the parade! 

It's also a tradition of my best friend and I - we have attended this homecoming game together every year since I can't remember how long! When we were in college, we were even in the parade together! :)

Last year, we were about 4 months pregnant (she was 3 weeks ahead of me) and this year, we brought our babies! SO MUCH FUN! Brayden loved looking at everything - the only thing he did not care for were the crazy loud sirens.

#4 The Walking Dead

You guys. Oh my gosh. I still have no words...but you gotta admit, this one's pretty funny right here!

#5 "Haunted" Car Wash?

There's a local car dealership here that "dresses up" their car wash every year for Halloween. It's actually rather funny and we decided to go check it all out for ourselves!

Lined inside this tunnel were all kinds of Halloween themed items. I'm not a huge celebrator of the scary side of Halloween, but this was pretty funny...and a clever gimmick to get people to stop by and get their cars washed! 

This weekend is going to be another busy but fun one! I have a wedding shower that I'm helping host on Saturday morning. That evening, we are going to take Brayden (and his cousin) back to the pumpkin patch in their costumes for pictures (can't wait)! We also have the homecoming football game where we will be celebrating the birthday of another good friend of mine. In all, it should be another fun (and busy) one!

Today, I'm teaming up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!


  1. I got a reminder a couple weeks ago that I'd been slacking on my PT exercises too. I've upped my strength because I do not want a cranky knee.

  2. Thank you for linking up Karen! I agree the nursery looks wonderful!
    I had heard of a haunted car wash on the news this week. I wonder if it was the one you speak of. That's a very clever idea to get some business! Have a great weekend! -m

  3. THAT is an amazing carwash. What a great way to get in the spirit! And also be slightly creepy at the same time... :)~


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