Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Final thoughts and a few giveaways!

As I was running today, a few thoughts were going through my mind about the Wine and Dine Half-I realized I left a few things out, so here we go.

-Photography. I realize this is HARD at night.  It’s dark and it’s hard to get good shots.  However, they did not have enough photographers.  A lot of the time, I would pass one who was looking down at his/her camera.  This also happened when I crossed the finish line.  I love memories and I love pictures. I scrapbook so I want to have a few crucial shots during the race.  Crossing the finish line=crucial. Do I have a picture? No.  I do have quite a few running shots though…a lot more compared to my friends. Melissa has NONE and Laura had two.  What the heck?!  That’s pretty bad if you ask me.

-Fuel. YAY!  This race, Disney had Cliff shot blocks instead of gels.  In January, I tried a Cliff gel…or should I say paste?!  Ugh. I love GU’s……but I wasn’t so impressed with Cliff. I do however LOVE their shot blocks so YAY for that!!!!

-Shirt Sizes. I was very bummed about this!  In January, I had a medium size shirt. Fit perfectly.  This race, I also requested a Medium.  IT. SWALLOWS. ME. Ugh. So annoying!  There should be CONSISTENCY with the sizing of shirts, people…consistency!!! 

-Expo bags.  I’ll be honest. I paid the same amount to run this race as I did the Half in January. Now I know that January is HUGE and has a lot more sponsors…but, I was kind of bummed about the race bag/stuff inside.  I guess I was expecting more considering what we got in January?  Oh well!

-After Party. I had fun at the after party but Epcot was SO crowded. I was also really bummed that I had to pay $35 for my husband to enter Epcot that night…and the only things open in World Showcase were food kiosks and the Mexico/Norway pavilions. I was under the impression at first that it would be like extra magic hours at night…rides would be open, etc.  For $35, that’s a huge rip-off. Sorry, but it is.

The race was a ton of fun though and I would definitely do it again! It was fun being a part of the Inaugural race!  (That makes two inaugural half’s that I’ve participated in this year!)  There were some really good points about this race and some really not-so-good points but I know Disney has some things to improve on and I think next year will be even better!


I also found these really great reports/video over on the DIS boards! Check them out!
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  1. Cute outfit! Too bad there weren't more pics of you.

  2. so annoying about the shirts. you would think they would make the shirts fromt eh same company each time! bummer!

  3. great post. I agree with it all, except the fuel. I carried my own GUs and think trying 1 of the shot blocks contributed to me getting ill after the finish line. I also don't have a finish line phot...of my FIRST half marathon!! How crappy! And I saw him take the pic! Boo. I also had a lot of photographers looking down at their camera. Hello, you either got the shot or you didn't, can't ask that runner to come back and try again. Just keep shooting!


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