Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tonight, we had our running group Hill workout. I was dreading going to this and actually, I have skipped it every Tuesday night up until tonight. I knew I needed to go because I kicked myself during most of the Wine and Dine half-it was full of inclines and hills!  I knew that I needed to go, especially if I’m running the Disney Full in January! 


So I dragged myself out of the house and made my way downtown to our local amphitheatre to run hills.  As I was about to do my warm-up run, I saw a girl there who I hadn’t officially met but I knew she was running the Disney Half in January.  I started talking to her and we didn’t stop talking until the hill workout was over!  It was awesome!  We had the BEST workout and the hills FLEW BY!!!  We both pushed ourselves too and got a really good workout.  It was awesome!  Kinda funny….Jason and I were married on April 7, 2007 and went to Disney World on our Honeymoon……AND her and her husband were married on April 14, 2007 and went to Disney World on their Honeymoon!!!  She said they go back at least once a year and I was like “OH MY GOSH ME TOO!!!”  Hahaha!  It was awesome!  I’m so glad I finally got to talk to her!!  It really made for a fun run!  I think we are gonna try to meet up sometime during Marathon Weekend in January!  Altogether, we did 4 miles and we had a good abs workout after so I’m especially glad I went! :0)

I came home and had an almond butter and blueberry jam sandwich along with an almond butter banana smoothie! :0)  So yummy!  I love me some peanut/sun/almond butter!   :0)

I’m also working on our “costumes” for the Jazz Half!  Kayla and I are going to be so cute!!!  Can’t wait!! :0)


  1. I am so excited to wear our costumes!!!! I ran in half of mine today and it felt great!

  2. Congrats on making a new friend and kicking those hills butts!


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