Friday, October 29, 2010

I’m almost there! :0)

Well, it’s officially 14 hours until my fourth Half Marathon!  I’m at home waiting on my brother and sister in law to get here so we can leave for NOLA! :0)

I figured while I was waiting on them to arrive, I would update my blog!  Here’s a few pictures from last night’s Homecoming Parade! Our local college is playing their Homecoming game Saturday night!


Beautiful sunset!


My husband and I waiting on the parade!


Football players!

msu4 msu5

The theme was “Riding into a New Era”…I love the “Futuristic Rowdy”!!  He’s going to Infinity and Beyond! lol


They took the theme a little different way with a surfer guy!


They are playing the Kernels so hence…pop the Kernels! LOL


And this is a picture for my mom because yes…my mom…she was a Phi Mu! :0)


This cracked me up!


And I know this float isn’t very creative but I thought it was too funny!!!


All Jason wanted all night was Nerds!  :0)


Jane and I taking a break from picking up candy!

After the parade, we ate at a local Mexican restaurant, then went to visit our soon to be brother in law at Starbucks!  We had a great night!

Today, we had dress up day at work for Halloween! Our line of work can be VERY depressing so we like to have fun and let lose sometimes! :0)


Our crew!  Our boss on the left was Superman, the girl in purple was an LSU Tiger, I am in the middle and I was a Marathon runner (real original, huh?), the girl next to me was a McNeese Cowboy fan, and the guy on the far right is Luigi!


“The Big Nerd” came late so we had to get a picture!  He is our Radiation Physicist!


Here’s a crew again minus the LSU Tiger plus the Big Nerd! :0)


These were the only guys that would “pose” with me! Haha!

The Doctor’s response to my outfit: “You mean to tell me you ran a Marathon and all you got was a DUCK medal?!?” I had to explain that it is DONALD Duck!  :0)  After that, he fussed at me for planning on running in Disney in January again cause I got SO sick this past January after running in the crazy cold weather! 

Speaking of costumes…I’m running in one tomorrow!  It’s all runner friendly and I can’t wait to post pictures! I’m so excited about tomorrow’s Half Marathon!  It will be my sister-in-law Kayla’s first Half Marathon! I know she’s excited and I’m excited for her!!!


Besides updating my blog, I’m also watching The Princess and the Frog to get me in the NOLA mood, and I’m eating a little “pre race fuel”!  It’s a peanut butter and banana shake with Okios Greek Yogurt (it’s not chunky it has granola and almonds mixed in!) :0)


  1. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site! I'm currently training for my first half marathon- the WDW Half Marathon in January! :)

    I can't wait to read more! :)

  2. haha I had okios greek yogurt with granola and almonds in it yesterday, to! so glad we got to hang out today, I had fun!

  3. I am going to have to try the peanut butter smoothie! It looks tasty!


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