Sunday, October 17, 2010


As an add it to my last post, my Cowboys lost to LSU but that’s ok.  We expected that they would lose, we just weren’t sure how bad!  They did a good job in keeping up and actually got the first touchdown of the game.  I think they held their own very well!  Good job, McNeese!

Onto running things…

Yesterday was my longest run ever!  14 miles!  I wasn’t sure how it would go since I knew I’d have to run part of it on my own.  Well, I woke up at 4 a.m…..yes, FOUR a.m. to meet up with my running group people by 5 a.m. (it’s about a 20 minute drive).  I run with two girls who are training for the Houston Full Marathon.  Their schedule is a little off from mine but usually only by a few miles.  Saturday, they were scheduled to run 8 miles vs my 14 miles.  This was my plan:  Run 8 miles with them, run 4 miles on my own, then meet up with my dad to run/walk 2 miles for the Hope Breast Cancer walk that was being held on the opposite side of the center where my running group meets. 

We started out our run and did great!  The weather where I live was a little chillier than downtown where we run.  I started in a long sleeve shirt and shorts but I regretted that decision later.  It’s ok though.  It wasn’t too bad. 

After my friends left, I ran 4 miles on my own. I knew I had limited time before the Breast cancer walk so I literally hauled butt the last four miles (what is hauling butt to me at least!) My garmin said a pace of 8:50/9:00ish most of the time.  Sometimes I would speed up a little or slow down a little but I definitely had negative splits this run!!! :0)  I kept reminding myself that I could walk once I hit the Breast Cancer area so keep on going!  I finished my run with just enough time to run to my car, change my shirt, and change out my hat for a pink sweaty band! :0)  I definitely had no where to change shorts so my blue shorts looked out of place with my brown/pink shirt. Oh well. 

I think that 1/2 of my town was at the LSU/McNeese game and the other half was at the Breast cancer walk. It was INSANE how many people were there!!!


Imagine this all surrounding me….I only took one picture to my right but triple this…there were people packed in on my left and in front and behind!  Craziness!


My route band from our run!  Also, my safety band with our home base # to call if we need something!


This is my friend Rachel talking to everyone.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24 while pregnant.  She went through Chemo/Radiation and started her chemo while pregnant.  Her little boy was there for everyone to see. It was a really touching moment. I’m so glad she’s ok.


Jason’s Aunt also sang!  I had no idea she had a good voice but she does! 


Releasing balloons in honor/memory of those lives touched by breast cancer.


Warming up for the walk/run!  I already warmed up so I didn’t need any extra!  :0))


Ready to go!  I walked/ran this with my dad and two of his co-workers!




I’m pretty sure there were a few thousand people doing this one….it felt like the Disney World Half!  So squished you could barely move!!


We walked/ran the route that I do for my post work runs!  It was really nice and pretty along the way!


My dad and I after the walking/running was done!  I love my dad! :0)


Have Hope.


Survivors.  THIS is why I do what I do.  This touches my heart.  We have a part in saving lives every day.  I love my job! :0)

So in total, I finished up with 14 miles!  Altogether, I ran 30 miles last week!  That’s definitely a record!  It’s also the first week that I was able to run 5 days of the week!  My schedule usually conflicts and I’m only able to do 4 runs and sometimes 3 (not good!)!  I feel awesome today and am really excited about the weeks of training to come!  Bring on that Marathon!!! :0)


  1. what plan are you doing that has you running 5 times a week? I do 3 and every other I do 4. A mix of runenrs world plan and hal higdon! don't get hurt! (like me haha)
    that walk looks like fun, so many people! love the tutu that girl had on

  2. It doesn't have us running 5 times every week, just sometimes. And up until now, I've missed doing it every time. It's a customized plan from my running coach! :0) Since I've joined the running group, her plans are the only one's I've followed.

  3. Awesome job on the 14 mile run! That is so great! You and your dad look great! I love the Hope shirt too. I am going to have one similar for relay for life at Christmas!


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