Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock Star!

This past weekend (on 10/10/10), the Rock and Roll group was offering $20 off registration for any of their races.

Knowing I was going to run Rock and Roll New Orleans, I bit the bullet and registered using the best RnR code I have seen so far!


I’m ready to run like a Rock Star!!! :0)  Very much looking forward to this race! I ran the Inaugural race this past February and I’m really excited to run it again!


Heather and I before the race!


Made it to the start!  Ready to go!


13.1!  I did it! :0)

Other news….Pixie was groomed yesterday!  Here she is in her new fuzzy bow! 


We were playing around with our puppies Halloween costumes last night and we put Pixie’s Bumblebee ears (which are WAY too big for her, btw) on Madalynn!  She wasn’t very happy with us!  Hehe!


Pixie likes to play XBox too, see?! 


Also, this weekend, LSU is playing my Alma Mater, McNeese State University!  At work today, we were able to wear MSU t-shirts!  It was a ton of fun!! 


We all know that LSU is going to kick my small little college’s booty but that’s ok!  We’re still rooting for our Cowboys!!!!


McNeese has been a huge family tradition of ours!  I graduated from there, my brother graduated from there, my husband graduated from there (x2), both of my parents as well as my Aunt graduated from there, Jason’s sister and soon to be brother in law will be graduating from there in December….

So I gotta root for my boys!!!


We went EVERYWHERE last night looking for a shirt similar to this….with anything saying MSU vs LSU….EVERYWHERE was sold out!  We went to about 5 different places!!  This game is a HUGE deal to my home town!  One of my favorite shirts reads “Life’s too short to wear purple!”  Hahahhah!  I won’t buy that of course cause the room I’m sitting in right now is decked out in LSU and I have 2 of my own LSU shirts hanging in my closet.  This weekend though, I’m wearing Blue and Gold!

Our local news reported:

The MSU vs. LSU game on Saturday is dividing some houses. Many who often cheer for the Cowboys also cheer for the Tigers, but this weekend they will have to choose.

"Everyone is excited. Everywhere you go that's all anyone is talking about. We have people that are fans of LSU as well as McNeese!”

Some Tiger fans are aware of just how important this game is for McNeese fans. And, while they plan to back LSU on Saturday you may here a small bit of support for the Pokes coming from the purple section.

"We'll wish them good luck, but I'm still going for LSU," said one LSU fan.

"We'll do the ‘Go McNeese’...but inside, we'll be like ‘GO TIGERS’!" said another LSU Fan.

I think that the majority of us feel that way!  In the mean time, GOOOOOO COWBOYS!!!!


  1. lol about the game. Sorry I have to cheer against you haha

  2. I forgot about that game being this weekend. I am excited to see who wins it and how much by! I think I was the black sheep in ya'lls family. haha Seeing as I graduated from SFA and all and everybody else is McNeese! :0(

  3. Aww Pixie is adorable!


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