Saturday, October 23, 2010

Promenade Run and Rangers

Last night, my husband surprised me with flowers, a movie, dinner, and a walk around my town’s new promenade area!  It was so nice I decided to get pictures of it in the daylight to show you today! :0)

Our running group meets not far from here and sometimes our route takes us down this way.  Today it did not, but I had 2 miles left to run after my friends left so I decided to run them along the promenade!


The Marina! :0)


Sunrise over the Marina



Memorial Park


I thought this was SO neat!  We somehow obtained two beams from the Twin Towers and they have a memorial set up for the lives lost that day!

IMG_1203 IMG_1204

Some of our own hometown natives that were in the Pentagon/Twin Towers


The Memorial. It’s so serene and peaceful.




Sunrise over the lake.


The Promenade. It was still early so not many people were out and about!


A LOT of people fish from here!

Geese fountain! lol

IMG_1213 IMG_1214 

My usual post-run recovery drink! 


Our coach doing a seminar on Tapering!


My shoes! lol I’m a goofball, I know!


LOL These are not “wee wee” fun!!!  Hahah


After the seminar, I went home and started throwing junk away out of my running bag. I came across this …. I received a free sample in the mail a while back and I had a feeling it got squished along the way…well, not only was it squished, it was congealed.


Eww. Gross. I threw it away! lol

Besides the run today, I cleaned house, took a nap, bathed the dogs, took them to a Halloween costume contest (I’ll have pictures of that, too!), folded clothes…my day didn’t stop!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxing!

Other exciting news…YAY RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was so excited for the Rangers to win the ALCS and move onto the World Series!  I grew up loving Texas teams. My first love, the Astros. My second love, the Rangers.  I’ve gone to quite a few games at the Ballpark in Arlington (I have family that live in Dallas). One particular game I remember going to was during Nolan Ryan’s final season in the majors!  That was really cool!  I also love how this was the first time for the Rangers to make it to the World Series. Very exciting!!!


I stayed up late last night just to watch the end of this game! I shouldn’t have cause when 4:15 a.m. hit for my run, I was incredibly tired but it was worth it!!  I’m so excited for the Rangers!


I also really like Josh Hamilton.  He’s a key player on this team with a horrible background…but his story is one that shows you that any life can be turned around and made right with lots of prayer and God!  He got into drugs and alcohol abuse really bad a few years back.  He went through rehab and turned his life around.  When they won the game, they sprayed everyone with Ginger Ale instead of champagne (for Josh Hamilton).  I thought that was incredibly awesome and just goes to show how much respect Josh Hamilton has gained from his teammates.  That’s pretty amazing!


  1. how pretty! that's neat they got pieces from the WTC!

  2. WOW!!! What a fun weekend. I am glad they finished the area downtown. I am excited to see that next time we come down!


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