Friday, April 22, 2011

10 miles on a HOT Good Friday!

I created a running plan last night.  In a few weeks, I’m running a 5 mile race (a hot one), so I decided I was going to run a long run today after the sun was out to test the waters.

My plan was to wake up at 7 a.m. to being my run!  I didn’t set an alarm because my husband was set to arrive from work around that time.  Well, he came home and got in bed and apparently, I was sleeping so soundly that I never heard him!  I woke up because a text from my mom came across my phone 8:30 a.m. to ask if I was running yet – YIKES!  8:30 a.m.?!  I jumped out of bed and got ready as fast as I could!  I wanted to treat this run as I would any normal long run, so I got my spi belt/hydration belt together and set off on my journey!  Usually, I do all my long runs with my running group but they will all be in New Orleans this weekend for the Crescent City Classic tomorrow!

My plan was to run a 2 mile route around my house, drive my car to a local Blockbuster (cause otherwise I’d have to run across a VERY busy 5 lane highway that has a speed limit of 60 mph! No thank you! ). After parking my car, run the 2.5 mile route to my parent’s house, re-fill up my water bottles, run 3 miles around their house, then run 2.5 miles back to my car!  Total – 10 miles!

I can say that I was successful with my run but let me tell you – it was HOT out there!  I felt like I almost threw myself into an asthma attack twice (that hasn’t happened in forever!) …I stayed very well hydrated, however.  I had an unopened bottle of Cytomax from the Dallas Half so I drank that as well as lots of water!


During one of my many treks to my parent’s house, my mom showed me a birds nest in one of her trees!  Isn’t the little birdie cute?  Don’t worry…we didn’t touch it or anything!


It was SO HOT out there!  See how red my face is?!

After the run, I made my husband get us Subway for lunch, we watched a few episodes of Glee from Season 1, then we drove to our local snow cone stand and got each a stuffed snow cone.  Now I feel as if I was hit by the sugar fairy!  Hah!  That’s ok!  The snow cone was GOOD!!!


I had Pink Bubblegum…


…and my husband had LSU!  Yes, LSU!  It’s purple and “gold”!  Haha!  The flavors: King Cake and Cake Batter!  It really did taste like a King Cake! :0)

4 5 

Apparently the “stuffed” part means that they put vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the snow cone. 

Ice cream + snow cone syrup = SUGAR OVERLOAD!!!


Like I said though, it was super yummy!! :0)

We are about to leave to eat dinner, then we are going to try Movies Under the Stars at the park again!  They are playing Monsters Inc!  Hopefully the wind doesn’t mess up the screen this time! :0)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Good Friday!  4 years ago, I was having my wedding rehearsal on Good Friday and we were married on “Good Saturday”! :0) 

Don’t forget the reason we celebrate this weekend!


He’s done so much for us!  Never forget the sacrifice He made!


  1. I don't even think the high made it to 45 here today. I'm starting to wonder if a hot run will ever make it on to my radar - or an excuse for a snow cone.... :)

  2. great job! I was JUST telling bobby today we need to find a snowball stand around here, I am craving one!

  3. Awesome job on the run despite waking up late! The sno cones look AMAZING!

  4. Nice job on the run!! I think that snow cone would have given me a sugar headache!!

  5. Love love love the snowcones there! Everytime we come there when it is hot, I have to have one! Great job on the run!! It was hot out there yesterday. I planted some tomato plants instead of running. In the spirit of Earth day that is! haha


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